ISRO launched satellite GSAT-11

ISRO launched satellite GSAT-11, the speed of the Internet will increase.

ISRO launched satellite GSAT-11: GSAT-11 is the heaviest satellite sent by India. With the help of this, internet speed in India will help.

India has achieved another big success in the field of space. The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) launched the heaviest satellite GSAT-11 on Wednesday morning. This satellite was launched from the French Guyana Space Center in South America with the help of Arian-5 Rocket of France.

ISRO launched satellite GSAT-11

ISRO launched satellite GSAT-11

Let us tell you that this is the largest weighted satellite of ISRO, which weighs 5,845 kilograms. This satellite was launched between late night 2.07 AM and 3.23 AM according to Indian time.

It is believed to be a major success for ISRO. This will help in speeding up Internet speed in India. Because with this help the speed of the internet can be up to 14 GBps.

Significantly, ISRO has already launched GSAT-19 and GSAT-29 Satellites. Apart from these, the GSAT-20 is to be launched next year.

What are the features of this Satellite?

– The life of this satellite is 15 years, it also has a solar panel.

– Ability to make Internet speed up to 14GBps.

– Next Generation Platform Capabilities

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