Jack Ma told the 6 rules of success
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Jack Ma told the 6 rules of success, said- If you are afraid of business pressure then it is better to get a job

Jack Ma told the 6 rules of success: Jack Ma, executive chairman of China’s e-commerce company Alibaba, has given five tricks to succeed in the business. In the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Ma said that if you are afraid of business pressure, then you have no right to be a businessman. The big thing today is that everyone is worried about everything.

Jack Ma told the 6 rules of success:

‘Be my boss, give him a job’

When asked if he gives jobs to people, Ma said that I employ those people who are smarter than me. I like to take people who can become my boss in the next 4-5 years. I want to take people who have positive thinking and never give up.()

Jack Ma looks optimistic about Africa’s progress in the future. He said that I have gone to countries like Kenya and Namibia. They seemed to me as if it was China 20 years ago.

‘No expert will be in the future’

In the past 20 years, Alibaba had to face fear or doubt while reaching this position. Replying to this, Jack said, “There will be no specialist of the future. Experts will be the talk of the past. ”

‘Make the children creative’

Jack Ma said that people should make their children creative thinking. They should be motivated to do things that the machines can not do. Today’s machines have chip, but humans have heart. Education should move in the same direction.

‘If you can not change anything then change yourself’

Ma says – I stayed for 20 years because I was a teacher. You always want your students to be better than you. Rule One – help people become better than you Rule 2- If you can not change anything then it is better to embrace the change.

‘Do not trade in partnership’

Ma advised the entrepreneurs not to include their friends in the business. Friendship is more valuable than business.

‘Walk with nature’

According to Ma- I believe that technology is essential for humans. As a technical company, it is not right to bring the wrong things to the fore. Do good work The environment should be improved through technology. If you think of earth as a human, if you take out oil and coal and burn it, then the earth will definitely take its revenge one day.

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