Jadhav case

Jadhav case: India strongly condemns Pakistan over use of hate speech in ICJ

After the second round of public hearing in Jadhav case on Wednesday, India surrounded Pakistan in ICJ. India’s lawyer Harish Salve exposed the truth about Pakistan on terrorism in ICJ.

The Hague (Netherlands)

During the hearing of Kulbhushan Jadhav case in the International Court of Justice (ICJ) on Wednesday, India expressed strong objection to the Pakistani language’s hate speech. Only after the second round of public hearing began, India’s lawyer Harish Salve registered a strong protest against the use of hate speech by the Pakistani attorney in ICJ and asked the United Nations Court to draw a Laxman line. During the hearing, Indian lawyer Salve surrounded Pakistan on terrorism.

Former Salisitor General Salve, who kept India’s stand in the Jadhav case, pulled the attention of the court towards the hate speech of Pakistani lawyer Khwar Qureshi. As soon as the hearing started in the ICJ in Jadhav, Salve said, “The language used in this court …… In this case, this court should draw a line of sight. In the transcript, embarrassing, pointless and abusive words were used …. However, Indian culture prevents me from using the language of insult in International Court.

Salve said during the hearing that the three attempts of Pakistan to disrupt the hearing of the ICJ have failed. Talking about the judicial review, Salve also mentioned the judgment of the Supreme Court of India in Kasab case.

What is the matter-Jadhav case

Indian Navy retired officer Jadhav was sentenced to death after a closed trial in Pakistan’s military court in April 2017. They are accused of espionage and terrorism. India gave a strong reaction to this and the matter has now reached ICJ. On Wednesday, India was given a maximum of 90 minutes to keep its side, in which case the final plea of ​​the case was lodged by Indian lawyer Salve.

After this, in response to India’s reply on Thursday, Pakistan has to keep its point in 90 minutes. ICJ’s decision is likely to come in May-June.

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