Jammu Grenade attack

Jammu: Grenade attack on bus station, one killed, 32 injured, 10 suspected detention

Jammu granade attack: On Thursday, a bus near the bus station in the crowded area was attacked by a grenade. After that, 32 people in the nearby area were injured due to the blast and one died. All the injured have been admitted to the hospital. Police officials have reached the spot.

There was a huge explosion on a bus stand of Jammu on Thursday afternoon. According to the police, 32 people have been injured in the grenade attack, who have been admitted to the hospital. One injured has died. The security personnel have started the investigation by siege the area. The security forces have taken 10 suspects in custody. A blast was carried out near a bus at a bus station made in a crowded area near 12 o’clock in the afternoon. Tell you that security personnel in Jammu and Kashmir have been kept alert since the Pulwama terror attack.

Jammu’s IG Manish Sinha said that it was an attack from the grenade. According to the people present at the scene, a suspected assailant attacked with grenades and fled from the spot. 10 suspects have been detained. IG says that the motive of the attack was to spoil communal harmony. 17 years old Mohammed Sharik died in this blast.

‘Campaign to search for attacker’

Jammu Grenade attack: Sunanda Raina, the Principal of the Government Medical College (GMC) Hospital, said, “So far 32 people have been brought here. Three of them are critical and two are being operated. ” Jammu Inspector General of Police (IG) MK Sinha told that initial investigation revealed that someone hurled a grenade in a bus stand area, which caused the explosion. After reaching the spot, Sinha, who took stock of the situation, told that after the explosion, the area surrounding the BC Road was sealed and a large search operation was being conducted to catch the hand grenades.

A police official said that the blast in the bus stand was a huge loss to a government bus standing on a bus stand. The IG said, “Whenever there is a high alert, we make the investigation harder but somebody is afraid to escape from him and this is the case.” He urged the people to maintain peace and said, “Surely intent was to spoil communal peace and harmony.” He told that the police is collecting evidence and we will definitely find him (the attacker).

Chinese Grenadine’s use of fear

According to the report, the Chinese grenade has been used in the blast. It is being told that earlier this area has been on the target of terrorists. According to Times Now, the initial investigation revealed that the purpose of this blast was to create communal tension. In such a situation, the administration has warned not to pay attention to rumors. The administration has appealed to the people of Jammu and Kashmir to maintain peace. The grenade explosion was so strong that many nearby buses were also damaged.

The bus stand also made the target

On December 29 last year, terrorists also targeted the bus stand. At that time the terrorists threw grenades on the bus stand and fled. There was no harm then. Though the big question is that there is a police station near the bus station, the terrorists have succeeded in their conspiracy.

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