Jammu-Kashmir: A car bomb exploded on the National Highway, was passing by the CRPF convoy

Due to a suspected explosion in a car on the National Highway of Jammu and Kashmir, there was a tragedy. At that time the convoy of CRPF jawans was also passing. The blast has also damaged the vehicle car, but there is no news of casualties at the moment. CRPF sources denied to accept it as an attack. Once again, the question of negligence in the security of the CRPF jaws is arising from the accident.

It is being told that the cylinder was blasted in the car and after the accident, the driver escaped from there. The CRPF was issuing the statement, “A car exploded near a car near Banihal on the morning of 10.30 am, while the CRPF convoy was passing through it at that time the cylinder was blasted in the car and after the accident the driver was there Escaped The CRPF is issuing the statement, “A car exploded near the Banihal, around 10:30 in the morning, when the CRPF convoy was passing through it. A fire broke out in the car and the back part of the CRPF bus got a little bit damaged. There is no news of any casualties in it. The investigation of the case is continuing.(Jammu and Kashmir)

CRPF sources said, “The cylinder blasts are looking at the first sight. The CRPF convoy was at a distance from there but it is not being attacked. Investigation is on. The blast in the car happened near Banihal in the National Highway. At present, the cause of the accident is not clear.

Earlier, on February 14, a suicide attack was carried out on the CRPF convoy only on Jammu-Srinagar highway near Pulwama, in which 40 jawans were martyred. Car bomb was used only in that terrorist incident.

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