statement of Abdullah Azam

Jaya Prada spoke on the statement of Abdullah Azam – Father Amrapali says, Son Anarkali

Statement of Abdullah Azam: If there are Lok Sabha elections, attacks on each other are being attacked fiercely. However, after Abdullah Khan’s controversial statements in Rampur Lok Sabha seat, son Abdullah Azam has also come in the race. On the last day of campaigning in Rampur, he made objectionable comments on Jaya Prada.

Uttar Pradesh’s candidate from Rampur Lok Sabha constituency Azam Khan is now on his way to becoming his son Abdullah Azam ‘Banyaner’. Abdullah made an objectionable comment on Jaya Prada for the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) candidate in the rally on the last day of campaigning in Rampur. Now Jaya Prada has said that as the father is like this son. This statement shows how he looks at the women of the society.(statement of Abdullah Azam)

Jaya Prada has said on Abdullah’s statement, “Can not decide whether it will laugh or cry again. Son is exactly like father. There was no such hope from Abdullah. He is a well-written man. Your father says, I am Amrapali and you say that I am Anarkali. Do you people see women from this perspective? ‘

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