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Justice AK Sikri rejects Modi’s offer after controversy

Following the controversy, Justice AK Sikri has now rejected the proposal of the Modi Government, in which he was to be named as Chairman / Member of CSAT in London. Justice AK Sikri got this offer after joining the high-level selection committee. Justice Sikri is the second highest senior judge after Chief Justice Justice Ranjan Gogoi in the Supreme Court and he was about to join CSAT after retiring on March 6.

Justice AK Sikri withdrew his consent for the government proposal on Sunday, under which he was to be nominated as Chairman / Member of the Commonwealth Secretariat Mediation Judiciary (CSAT) in London. On this issue Congress President Rahul Gandhi tweeted again once again tweeting on Prime Minister Narendra Modi. In his tweet, he said that if justice is tampered with, then chaos reigns. This Prime Minister will not stop. To hide the Rafael scandal, he will destroy everything. They are afraid of corruption due to corruption and destroy the main institutions.

Justice Sikri rejects Modi’s offer after controversy

After the Chief Justice, a close source of the country’s second most senior judge told the news agency PTI-Justice Sikri wrote back on Sunday evening and withdrew his consent. Sources said, “The government had contacted him last month for this responsibility. They gave their consent. While on this post, there would have to go there for two to three hearings per year and it was a non-wage term. Members in the prestigious CSAT are appointed for 4 years, which can be extended once.

Justice AK Sikri voted against him for withdrawing CBI director Alok Verma on January 8. On Tuesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Congress leader Mallikarjun Kharge in the Lok Sabha and Justice AK Sikri of the Supreme Court, the High Selection Selection Committee, decided to remove Alok Verma as the CBI Director with the majority of 2-1.

Prime Minister Modi and Justice AK Sikri took the decision in favor of the removal of Alok Verma as the CBI Director whereas Kharge opposed it. Justice AK Sikri’s vote proved crucial to the removal of Alok Verma.

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