Kapil Sharma shared wedding card
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Kapil Sharma shared wedding card, will take 7th round on December 12

Kapil Sharma shared wedding card:Comedy King Kapil Sharma’s wedding card has come out. On December 12, Kapil will take seven rounds with Ginni in Amritsar.

After the marriage of Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone, Kapil Sharma’s wedding date has been announced. Although Kapil had confirmed the marriage but did not make an official announcement. Kapil Sharma has fulfilled his shortcoming even on November 27. Kapil has issued a card and declared the date of marriage.

A special logo was created in the name of Kapil and Ginni in the Golden and White Cards. Thanks to everyone, Comedy King wished to give blessings on the special occasion of marriage. Kapil has shared this card on social media. Coming congratulations on the social media as soon as the card is in front of them.

Kapil Sharma shared wedding card

Kapil Sharma shared wedding card:Tell Kapil and Ginni to be in Ginni’s home town Jalandhar on December 12. In an interview he said that we wanted to keep this ceremony simple, but Guinea is the only daughter, so they want to do it with pomp. I understand their feelings. My mother wants this too. ”

Kapil said, “When my brother got married, I did not earn very good, we took a small procession and brought Sister in the house. But when my sister got married, then I started earning good. This was a fairly lavish wedding for our standard. ”

Special guests are expected to reach Kapil Sharma’s wedding. Recently, as the guest arrived at KBC show, Kapil has invited Amitabh Bachchan to come to the wedding. Kapil Sharma’s famous famous among the Celebs will be attended by many big Celebs.

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