Karnataka Government HD Kumarswamy

Bharade Kumaraswamy speaks out of bounds: Congress will leave the post of chief minister

Karnataka Government HD Kumarswamy: The Congress and the JDS Government of Karnataka, formed by the Maha coalition formula, have once again been skeptical about the clouds. Between the continuous political upheaval, Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy has said that he is ready to quit, the Congress MLAs are crossing their line. He said that Congress leaders should control their MLAs.

Let me tell that some Congress MLAs had given the statement that their leaders were not Kumaraswamy but the Congress’s Siddaramaiah. On which HD Coomaraswamy responded. Kumaraswamy said that Congress should look at all these issues, if they want to continue all this, then I am ready to quit.

Karnataka Government HD Kumarswamy

Significantly, the Karnataka government has been facing a crisis for the past few days. Just a few days back, two independents had withdrawn their support to the Kumaraswamy government. Earlier, some Congress MLAs were angry and it was being said that they were in touch with all the Bharatiya Janata Party.

In the past, there were reports that some Congress MLAs were upset and camped in Mumbai. Meanwhile, there was a continuous rhetoric on behalf of the BJP leaders that in a few days Karnataka would also have a BJP government in Karnataka.

During which Congress MLAs were in Mumbai, then BS Yeddyurappa was camping in Gururgram along with all 104 MLAs. Here he had come to meet the party chief Amit Shah, but the market of speculation was hot that all these efforts were made to form the government. Significantly, since the elections were held in Karnataka in the last year of April-May, so far, so many times the Congress and the JDS have been able to see the tragedy.

What does the equation say?

There is a need for 113 legislators to form government in Karnataka. Now with the Kumaraswamy Government, Congress has 80 MLAs and 37 seats of JDS 117. While 2 Independents have withdrawn support, 1 BSP legislator has already withdrawn support. Significantly, BJP now has 104 MLAs, in which she needs 9 MLAs.

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