Kashmir / 16 years later, the PDP-Congress and National Conference can again form the government

The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in Jammu and Kashmir is in the process of forming a government in collaboration with the Congress. The National Conference (NC) can support it from the outside. Equations like 2002 are being created in the state. At that time PDP-Congress had formed a government together and the National Conference supported it from the outside.

Earlier in March 2015, PDP and BJP formed a coalition government in Jammu and Kashmir. Mufti Mohammed Saeed was the first chief minister. Mehbooba Mufti became CM after her demise. This coalition government lasted till June this year. Right now the governor’s rule is in place. On December 19, six months of governor’s rule will be completed and according to the rules, it can not be re-extended. After this, Presidential rule can be imposed, but it will have to dissolve the assembly.

Avoid support from outside

The sources of the three parties have indicated this on Tuesday. National Conference sources said that we do not intend to join the PDP-Congress alliance government, but it is not avoiding giving support from outside.

Azad said- the conversation is going on

Ghulam Nabi Azad said on the prospects of the alliance between the Congress-PDP and the National Conference – we had to say this to the parties why we should not get together and make a government. There is no situation to form government now, but negotiations continue as a suggestion.

‘This will be a Muslim coalition’

KashmirPDP MP Muzaffar Beg said on the possibility of coalition, “How will Jammu react?” It will be a Muslim coalition. What will be the reaction of Ladakh on this? Such irresponsible negotiations will cause Kashmir to split in three parts. Ladakh and Jammu will not be part of the state which has only one community. ”

Mehbooba does not expect to be chief minister(Kashmir)

It is being said that if this happens then Mehbooba Mufti is unlikely to become the Chief Minister, but the government’s command may be in the hands of a PDP senior leader. After the 2014 assembly elections, the National Conference had offered support to the PDP, but he rejected it and had coalition with the BJP.

Lone and BJP had the possibility of coalition

It was a discussion that the BJP could support the two legislators, Sajjad Lone’s People’s Conference. However, this coalition was far from the majority of the figures (44 MLAs). In view of such possibilities, PDP, NC and Congress are preparing to form government by joining hands together. Between 2002 and 2007 between the PDP and the Congress there is a coalition government. Even then it was supported by the NC from the outside.

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