Kashmiri: Hindu-dominated village has given the Muslim man the choice of presenting

Kashmiri:  Hindu-dominated village of Jammu and Kashmir has shown the example of Hindu-Muslim unity by choosing a Muslim as his punch. The amazing thing is that this election happened incontestably.

  • Continuous elections in Jammu and Kashmir
  • Bhullan-Kharthi village as a punch, Hindus made a Muslim Hussein rush election
  • No one has contested against Hussein and elected unopposed
  • The only Muslim family in the village is Hussein.


In the nine-phase panchayat elections held in Jammu and Kashmir, a village having a Hindu majority in Bhaderwah city, presenting the example of communal harmony and brotherhood, the head of the sole Muslim family of the village has chosen his panch unopposed. Chaudhary Mohammed Hussein (54) is a Gujjars coming from a cattle-raising family. Hussain Thang Panchayat’s Bhelan-Karuthi village has been elected.

Interestingly, Hussein’s family is the only Muslim family among 450 families living in the village. He lives with his wife, five sons and daughter-in-law, while he has married his four daughters. A rural village Dhuni Chand (57) said, “It can be strange in a society watching polarized and communal things, but we are proud of our shared brotherhood.”


‘Unity will not end'(Kashmiri)

He said that Hussein is the unanimous choice of his community. Their community wanted to present a precedent for cordial coexistence and brotherhood, which is the strength of our country. Chand said, “The words of differences in the name of polarization and religion could not stop our belief that we are a part of the same family. If it has not ended our solidarity in so many years, then it will never happen now. ‘

The youth of the village are very happy with this decision and they are very happy about being a resident of Bhelan. Hussain is not only greedy by the unanimous decision of the villagers but also wants to work day and night for the welfare of the villagers. Hussain said, “We have come to live in a very happy atmosphere. He never let me feel like I am the only Muslim living in the village. By choosing my punch and choosing that uncontested one, he has expressed his love for me. They took it to a different level for which I would be debtor over my age. ”

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