Khalistani: A picture of the attackers came in front of the Khalistan-Musa sleeper cell

Khalistani: Many theories are coming out after the attack in Amritsar Nirankari Samagya. According to input received from intelligence agencies, this attack can be the work of sleeper cell of Khalistani terrorist organizations in Punjab. In the meanwhile, the FIR has been registered by the police of Nirankari Bhawan in the police.

A terrorist attack in a village in Amritsar city of Punjab has shattered the whole country. Three people were killed in this blast at Sant Nirankari Bhavan in the court village of Rajasansi. After this, the state including Punjab is high-alert in Delhi, Haryana and NCR.

Security has been increased in the crowded places of Delhi. In this case, the FIR has been lodged by the police of Nirankari Bhavan by the police. This has not been confirmed yet who has done this attack, but the suspicion of the attack is on the supporters of Khalistani. The photographs of two boys who are suspected of throwing grenades are also revealed. The police are constantly looking for them.

Khalistani hand behind the attack!

Indeed, the suspicion of the grenade attack on the Nirankari Bhavan on intelligence agencies is on Gopal Singh Chawla, which was seen with the terrorist Hafiz Saeed. According to intelligence agencies, Chawla was planning to launch a blast in Punjab with the help of ISI. It is connecting local youth with such apps that are not easily decoded.

According to sources associated with intelligence agencies, behind this blast, Gopal Singh Chawla may have a hand. Gopal Singh Chawla is a Pakistani Sikh and he is the former General Secretary of the Pakistan Shiromani Gurudwara Management Committee. She is considered a supporter of Khalistani.

Not only that, sources say that even militant Zakir Musa has news of meeting some Khalistani supporters in the past. Zakir Musa was seen in Punjab a few days ago. There is a doubt that those people who have received Zakir may also be sleeper cells.

What in FIR ..?

Arjun Singh, the manager of Nirankari Bhawan, the court of the King of Sonsi of Amritsar, has registered this FIR. According to which two terrorists had reached the Nirankari Bhavan to throw a grenade. His bike number was missing plate. The motorcycle of the attackers was black colored pulsar, on which the number plate was missing.


Along with Arjun Singh, both the attackers were  Khalistan Sikhs. One wore jeans and T-shirts and the other was in kurta-pajama. Both of them had cloth wrapped on their face. It has been reported in the FIR that a young man sitting on the bike hosted two followers, who were deployed at the gate of Nirankari Bhawan, on gun point so that they could not make noise.

It has been said that the second attacker, where the satsang was going on fast, went to the side and threw a hand grenade on the people sitting there, after which he came back hastily and absconding sitting on a motorcycle with fellow attacker standing outside. done. In addition, the number of injured in the FIR was mentioned 22.

A blast occurred in Nirankari Bhawan when two men riding a bike threw a grenade at the building, after which there was a loud explosion here. During this time satsang was going on and there were about 250 people in the building.

NIA is investigating

Tell the gathering of pilgrims on Sunday in Nirankari Bhawan situated in Rajasansi village, and devotees come here in large numbers. The place where this explosion is a part of the outskirts of Amritsar. The investigation of this incident has reached NIA team Amritsar late on Sunday night. The NIA team is led by Mukesh Singh.

Earlier, Punjab’s Captain Amarinder Singh said that we will not let the terrorists’ plans succeed. While DGP Suresh Arora of Punjab said that we consider it a terror attack. He said that we are investigating this attack from every angle.

The reasons behind this matter are not yet known, but in the past, security agencies had issued an alert about the incident of terror attack in Punjab on which the state was on high alert.

4 days ago in Pathankot the suspected terrorists fled the Inoba car. Police have issued CCTV photographs of suspects in entire Punjab.

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