10 percent Reservation

Know the complete truth of 10 percent reservation – There is no joke with the general quota.

HIGHLIGHTS 10 percent Reservation

  • 10 percent Reservation for economically weaker sections of the general category students of all religions in educational institutions and jobs
  • The bill has been passed in the parliament on 9th January with the 124th amendment of the constitution in the article 15 and 16 by adding one more clause. The bill has been ultimately signed by the President of India.
  • The law has some terms and conditions to be fulfilled in order to be eligible for the reservation

The cabinet approved the proposal of introducing 10% reservation for the economically backward sections of the general category students. The Bill after being passed in the Lok Sabha with two third majority passed in the Rajya Sabha after long discussion. But the law has brought many criteria along with it to be fulfilled.

1. Family should not have an annual income of more than 8 lakhs.
2. Should not own more than 5 acres of land
3. Should not have any residential plot on more than 1000 sq ft
4. Should not own plot of more than 100 sq yard in notified municipality
5. Should not own plot of more than 200 sq yard in non notified municipality.

BENEFITS(10 percent Reservation)

The poor students of the general category will get direct benefit from the law not only in educational institutions but also in jobs. In order to give equal opportunity to all, the government will increase the number of seats in all the educational institutions and job sectors so that no discrimination is registered on the part of the SC, ST and OBC. The students attaining the eligibility criteria will no more need to be crushed off opportunities because of their poor background.

LOOPHOLES(10 percent Reservation)

There are no statistical data as to how many families are probable to get the benefit of the reservation, as claimed by one of the opposition leaders. The biggest loophole that comes forward is that it excludes most of the Indian population from reservation by its harsh and narrow criteria. Had criteria been a little more lenient, it would have covered a large number of population.

The opposition members also questioned the government about the timing of the bill alleging the government to be playing a political stunt ahead of the General Elections this year. One Congress member even went on to allege the bill to
be the agenda of the RSS to gradually finish reservation from this country. Whatever the war of words be, but this law will undoubtedly benefit the ones who have been deserving it for quite long time now. Yes the timing of the introduction of the bill can be questioned, but better late than never!

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