Launching pad of terrorists ready in PoK

Launching pad of terrorists ready in PoK, will there be a surgical strike?

In Jammu and Kashmir, the border of Pakistan is once again increasing the attempts to infiltrate. On Sunday, Pakistan’s border action team attacked Sunderbani near border border with Indian troops. Three soldiers of the army were martyred in this attack.

Now the news is that in the area of ​​Sunderbani many terrorists are sitting in the launch pad. This report came after the attack on the soldiers. According to the report, there are a large number of terrorists present at three places in the PoK and they have full support of the army of Pakistan.

Launching pad of terrorists ready in PoK,

According to the report, at all these places, Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI and the army have gathered around 60-70 militants. All these terrorists are being told of Lashkar-e-Toiba and Jaish-e-Mohammed.

These launch pads are right in front of Tangdhar and Uri sector of India. Now Pakistan’s BAT team is trying to deploy Mujahideen battalion in these areas so that attacks on Indian soldiers can be accelerated.

Let us tell you that on October 21, around six members of the Pakistan BAT team in Sunderbani attacked Indian soldiers. Three jawans were killed in this

Then will the surgical strike?

The Indian Army has already finished the launch pad located across the border. Only after the Uri attack, the army had entered the PoK on 28-29 September, 2016 night and destroyed the terror launch pad. This surgical strike by the army was completely frustrated by Pakistan. In such a situation, these questions are being raised whether Indian soldiers can cross the border to carry out surgical strikes to eliminate these terrorists.

What is ‘Bat’?

The full name of ‘BAT’ is Border Action Team. The first thing to know about it was the midnight night of five and six August 2013. Then this team targeted the detachment of the Indian Army which was patrolling the LoC.

Actually, it is a group of soldiers taken from Pakistan’s Special Force. Surprisingly, there are trained terrorists like soldiers in BAT. It has been prepared to attack within 1 to 3 kilometers inside the LOC.

The ‘Bat’ has been prepared by Special Service Group (SSG). It attacks with full planning. These teams first carried out operations in intelligence, but later they started to be in news because of the media.

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