Maha coalition announced the candidates

Lok Sabha election / announcement of candidates of Maha coalition in Bihar,

In Bihar, the Maha coalition announced the candidates for Lok Sabha elections on Friday. From Pataliputra, Lalu Prasad Yadav’s daughter Misa Bharti, from Madhepura, Sharad Yadav and Saaran from Tej Pratap(Lalu’s eldest son) gave the ticket to Chandrila Roy. RJD 19, Congress 9, RLSPA 5, Ham-VIP 3-3 and CPI-ML from RJD quota will contest one seat.

On the other hand, Congress also released a list of 12 candidates. In it are the names of wives of Bahubali Pappu Yadav and Anant Singh. Women were given tickets in three out of four seats in Bihar. Former Lok Sabha Speaker Meira Kumar from Sasaram, current MP from Supaul and wife of Bahubali Pappu Yadav, Ranjeet Ranjan was given the ticket. Neelam Devi will be Congress candidate from Munger. Neelam is the wife of former JDU legislator and Bahubali Anant Singh. At the same time, Dr. Ashok Kumar will be the Congress candidate from Samastipur.(Maha coalition announced the candidates)

Misa’s ticket was overwhelming in the Lalu family

Metha Bharti was pulled from the Pataliputra seat inside the Lalu family. According to sources, Tejasvee misa did not want to get a seat from here. At the same time, Tej Pratap was in support of Misa. Due to controversy, Misa was not made the RJD star campaigner. After all, RJD has finalized the ticket of Misa from this seat.

Patna Sahib and Valmiki Nagar seats for Kirti Azad and Shatrughan Sinha

Congress has declared candidates in 7 out of 9 seats in its quota. Candidates of Valmiki Nagar and Patna Sahib seats have not been announced. It is being said that Congress can withdraw Shatrughan Sinha from Patna Sahib. At the same time, Kirti Azad, who left the BJP, who came to Congress, could be released from Valmiki Nagar. According to sources, Congress had promised to give Kirti a ticket from Darbhanga. After the seat sharing in the Maha coalition, Darbhanga seat went into the RJD’s account. RJD has given ticket to Abdul Bari Siddiqui, who was former finance minister in the Bihar government from here.

Radhika did not accept the demand of tej pratap

Tej Pratap had told the media that he had demanded Jahanabad seat for Shivhara and Chandraprakash Yadav for Angesh Singh by talking to the national president and the stunning. Shivar has not been declared as a candidate yet. At the same time, Surendra Yadav was given ticket from Jehanabad seat without giving ticket to Chandraprakash

Maha coalition announced the candidates

Congress changed its candidate from Maharajangaj seat to 12 hours. Congress has fielded Supriya Shrinate from here. Earlier, the ticket was handed to Amanmani’s daughter Tanushree. Amanmani, poet, Madhumita Shukla is guilty of murder and is currently in jail. Amanmani’s son and MLA Amanmani is also accused of killing his wife. He has also gone to jail in this case. Tanushree got the ticket from Maharajganj only from Shivpal Yadav’s party before the Congress.

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12 candidates of Congress

Maha coalition announced the candidates

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