Lok Sabha elections

Lok Sabha elections: Air strikes can be heavy on farmers’ anger

Lok Sabha elections: The BJP was under pressure from the anger of the farmers across the country, but Modi and BJP appeared to be benefiting from the wave of nationalism that followed the air strikes on Pakistan.

Pemadara (Maharashtra)

After the Air Strike on Pakistan, the atmosphere is becoming so that Narendra Modi can become Prime Minister for a second time on the basis of rural vote. It is being said that rural voters are going to be very important in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. This is because most of the country’s 100 million population lives in villages. After the defeat in the three state assembly elections, there were possibilities that BJP could be badly lagging behind in rural areas.

However, the wave of nationalism that followed the Air Strike could benefit the BJP and Modi in the Lok Sabha. Despite this, there is a possibility that he will definitely have a loss compared to earlier. Bandhu Bellkar of Maharashtra, who voted for BJP in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, says, “I had made up my mind about the government’s indifferent attitude towards farmers that I will not vote for BJP this time. However, after the Air Strike I changed my mind. We need a strong leader like Modi to defeat Pakistan. ”

Many farmers are ready to vote for BJP despite the loss (Lok Sabha elections)

Bandu Belkar has suffered heavy losses on onion and tomato crops, yet again he is ready to vote in favor of BJP again. Due to the high production of many crops across the country, prices have come down drastically. This has affected the farmers of the rural areas of Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh.

Ramkisan Dhawle, a farmer from the village of Pemadara in Maharashtra, says that if Modi teaches a lesson to Pakistan, then he is ready to vote for BJP. Dhawle explains that his brother is in the Indian Army. He further says, “If Modi takes any concrete steps for the security of the country, I will vote for Modi by keeping my personal interests aside.”

It was said in Opinion Polls that there was a tension between India and Pakistan, that the BJP would be out of the majority due to sluggish economy, low rural income and the government’s failure to create jobs. However, a private channel survey after Air Strike showed that the BJP could win 41 out of 80 Lok Sabha seats in UP. If these opinion polls are correct, then BJP can recover in UP including the UP.

Significantly, social media such as TV channels and media including Facebook and Whatsapp have also emphasized the feeling of nationalism across the country. All these mediums directly affect the rural masses. Says senior research fellow Milan Vaishnav in the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, based in Washington, “Economy, employment and social welfare can certainly not replace the issue of national security, but it will help in electoral atmosphere.”

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Farmers’ anger is intact

Even though the feeling of patriotism is shaking, farmers have not forgotten the problems of the past few years. In the last eight days, news agency Reuters talked to phones from 49 farmers from Maharashtra, UP, Madhya Pradesh and Karnataka. Of this, only 18 people admitted that they would vote for BJP. One reason for BJP’s defeat in assembly elections in December was also the anger of the farmers about the falling prices of crops. This anger has not yet cooled.

In the last few months, farmers performed, highways made, spread onions on the roads when the prices of onion crops were very high. Says Sunil Dere, farmer of Vadgaon Amali village, “What will help me earn from air strikes? In the last four years, Modi has done nothing for the farmers. ” Sunil Dere told that the onion has become so cheap that it is feeding onions to its buffaloes.

‘Due to drought, farmers are upset, not paying attention to government'(Lok Sabha elections)

Many more farmers said that due to drought, there has been a shortage of fodder but the government has not paid attention to it. In the year 2018, rainfall in Maharashtra, Gujarat and Karnataka was less than normal, causing water problems. Because of this, crops are being damaged, there is also a shortage of fodder for animals.

In order to rescue such situations to the farmers, the Modi government has started a scheme to send money directly to the farmers’ account. In the first installment, 2000 rupees have also been sent to farmers’ accounts. However, farmers say that this help is inadequate. Farmers say that the fields can not be plucked with so much money.

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