Lucknow Lok Sabha seat

Rajnath property doubled in 5 years, decreased 4 million house price; Hobby of also guns

Home Minister Rajnath Singh on Tuesday filed a nomination from the Lucknow Lok Sabha seat. They are contesting from here for the second time. This seat is considered as the BJP’s stronghold. Before filling the nomination, Singh took a long road show in Lucknow. Rajnath Singh’s assets doubled in the last five years According to an affidavit given to the Election Commission, the price of his house has come down by Rs 40 lakh. Rajnath also has fondness for the non-Muslims.

Accordingly, Rajnath has movable assets worth Rs 1.64 crore and his wife has Rs 53 lakh. Singh has immovable property worth Rs 2.97 crore. In this way, the total assets are 5 crore 14 lakh 92 thousand 709 rupees. Rajnath has cash of Rs 68 thousand and wife has Rs 37 thousand. Rajnath Singh does not have any criminal record.

Wife has 35 lakh jewels

Rajnath Singh’s 5 bank accounts in Lucknow have deposits of 91 lakh 38 thousand 667, while two banks have 7 FD accounts. In which Rs 67.4 lakh is deposited. He and his wife have jewelery worth 35 lakh 50 thousand rupees. Rajnath Singh also has ancestral property of Rs 1.47 crore.

Rajnath also has a revolver and a gun

Rajnath Singh also has a passion for arms. They have a revolver of 32 bore, while there is also a two drain firearm. Rajnath Singh’s residence is in the posh area of ​​Gokhant Nagar in Lucknow. Whose current price is Rs.15.5 million The value of this property was 10.9 million in the affidavit of 2014. There is no liability for Rajnath Singh.

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Total assets were 2.9 million in 2014

In his affidavit submitted in 2014, Rajnath Singh had declared his total assets worth Rs 2.7 crore to Rs 40 thousand 729. In this way their property has doubled in the last five years. There were 56 lakh 6 thousand 858 in 7 bank accounts. While there were jewelery of 3 million and 80 thousand rupees.

Lucknow Lok Sabha seat-Shatrughan Sinha’s wife candidate against Rajnath

The SP-BSP combine has made BJP a candidate from Lucknow, Poonam Sinha, wife of ShatruUPghan Sinha, from Lucknow. Poonam joined the SP on Tuesday only.

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