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Lulia Vantur quotes- Salman is more than a friend for me, says the question of relationship and wait now

Romanian model and actress Lulia Vantur has always been in the discussion due to close proximity with Salman Khan. In a recent interview, he said that Salman is more than a friend in his life. When asked how he would define his relationship with Salman, he smiled and said,

“They are very cute people. From full khan family, I get uncontrollable support. Salim uncle is the Father figure for me. I am very happy with the Khan family.”

So does this mean the echo of the clarinet in the Khan family? Lulia spoke on the question-

Wait a bit. Not every information is for the public; some things are private too. Be patient, you will know all at the right time.

Shooting soon will start in the movie Debian: Yulia soon will be ready to start shooting for Black because of her debut film Radha Why Gori. He told that after Diwali, I am going to UP. There, I started my first film Radha Ki Ghori, why I started shooting black. This movie is based on a real life story. A few years ago, a forerunner was raped in Vrindavan.

After that the rap became the Victim Activist. The tagline of our film is not proof, is it not true? Does it mean that in such cases if the victim does not have the evidence then does not he get raped? Will not he get justice? At the same time, we have focused on another aspect. What is that move can be done with this ever-forgotten accident?

Bhagwat Geeta read for the character: In this movie, Lulia is playing the role of a foreign Krishna devotee. In order to go to the character’s skin, he has started reading Bhagavad Gita along with the script. Some mantras have also happened to remember them. The makers released the poster on Tuesday. Directed by Prem R. Soni, the film will be released in May next year.

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