Mamata Banerjee Rally in Kolkata

Mamta’s mega show in Kolkata, 41 years later, the biggest gathering of the Opposition

Mamata Banerjee Rally in Kolkata Prior to the rally in Kolkata’s Brigade Ground, Mamata Banerjee said that it is a conspiracy to fight jointly against the bad governance of saffron party. BJP will not win more than 125 seats in the general elections.

In order to win the 2019 Lok Sabha election, BJP is doing a daring work on the temple, while the leader of West Bengal Chief Minister Mamta Banerjee will announce a joint fight in Kolkata against the BJP in Kolkata on Saturday. Mamata Banerjee has said that this time BJP will get reduced to 125 seats. 41 years later, there seems to be a big crowd of opposition in Kolkata. BJP has called it the fear of opposition. In 1977, Jyoti Basu played bugle against Congress from here.

Mamata Banerjee Rally in Kolkata

Calcutta’s brigade field is ready. The stage is ready. Speeches have been prepared and Mamata’s manuscript is also ready. Claiming that more than 4 million people were in the afternoon, this huge brigade parade would fill one inch of the ground. After this here, the word will be filled up against the Center’s Modi government. Mamta Banerjee said that there is a resolution for a joint fight against the bad governance of saffron party. This joint India rally will be held against BJP’s misrule. This will be the death certificate for the BJP. In the general elections, the saffron party will not be able to win more than 125 seats.

Historical rally of opposition for the first time since 1977

Such gathering of opposition will be seen after 41 years. Earlier, Jyoti Basu had given a fist of United Opposition on June 7, 1977 to overthrow the Congress. After this there was not so many people in this historic ground. Most of the Opposition Leader is leaving except Mamta’s rally in Chandrasekhar Rao. At the rally, from the Congress to JDS, National Conference, NCP, RJD, SP, BSP and TDP, leaders of at least 20 parties including Aam Aadmi Party, many Chief Ministers, many former Chief Ministers and dozens of former ministers, their popularity in the field of brigade Will test. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be on target of everyone.(Mamata Banerjee Rally in Kolkata )

The gathering of leaders holding 295 seats

It means that the leaders bearing at least 295 seats will be present at the brigade grounds of Kolkata. Although the Congress’s dominant seats are not included, on the stage there will be two or two Congressmen including Kharge. Rahul Gandhi himself is unable to go, so he has sent a letter that there is resentment in the whole country against the Modi government and Congress party fully supports this effort of TMC.

Mamata will match the height of Jyoti Basu(Mamata Banerjee Rally in Kolkata )

Mamta Banerjee has full strength in making the Brigade rally a success, and her tactics are only one of her efforts, similar to the huge stature of Jyoti Basu in West Bengal’s politics. Leaders of all the parties have begun to arrive in Kolkata. There is an attempt to create an environment that the atmosphere of the country has been fought against Narendra Modi, his policies are anti-people and leaders are leaving with him. Mamta Banerjee aims to send a message across the country that the whole Opposition is standing together to fight Narendra Modi.

BJP said nervousness

Together with 28 parties, BJP, which is forming a government in Delhi, is annoying the anniversary of the 20-party proclamation in Kolkata. Union Minister Smriti Irani said that there is no strength to fight BJP alone in these parties, so hands are getting involved.

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