Mamta Mukherjee VS Modi

Opposition ruckus in Lok Sabha, Center tells the action of Bengal police, unfortunate

Mamta Mukherjee VS Modi : On Sunday, the team of CBI officers reached Kolkata Police Commissioner Rajiv Kumar’s house in West Bengal. There was a fierce rumor in the Lok Sabha today on this matter. This issue was raised by the Opposition and then the Home Minister Rajnath Singh cleared it by the Central Government.

The case of the Kolkata Police Commissioner Rajiv Kumar’s arrival to the CBI officers in West Bengal on Sunday was also shadowed in the Lok Sabha on Monday. Opposing the CBI’s action, the opposition fiercely raged against it, while on the behalf of the Central Government, Home Minister Rajnath Singh cleared it. Rajnath said that this kind of incident took place for the first time against CBI officials and they were detained.

Referring to Saradha Ghotal, Rajnath Singh started his talk. He said that the CBI was allowed by the Supreme Court to investigate against the company which grabbed huge money of lakhs of people and the CBI team reached Rajiv Kumar’s house on Sunday for questioning. Replying to the question of why the CBI needed to go to Rajiv’s house, Rajnath said that he was not cooperating in the investigation and despite repeated summons he did not come to take part in the inquiry.

Rajnath tells police action unfortunate

Rajnath said that the police, who reached the interrogation, stopped the police and took them into custody. He described it as unfortunate and said that such an incident threatens the federal structure of the country. Rajnath Singh further said that he has also spoken to the governor of Bengal, Kesari Nath Tripathi. And they asked for a full report on the matter.

Slogan shouted CBI parrot(Mamta Mukherjee VS Modi )

In the midst of Rajnath Singh’s statement, the opposition continued to sloganeously in the House. From their side the CBI is parrot, the chowkidar thieves are being sloganed. Earlier Congress leader Mallikarjun Kharge criticized the police commissioner’s reach for the CBI team. They said that BJP wants to eliminate BJP opposition parties by making weapons to the CBI. He said that it is an attempt to suppress any who raises voice against injustice. Kharge said, ‘Which law says that you take 40 people to arrest a police officer at 7 in the evening?’ He said that no party will bow down before the central government’s use of the government.

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Apart from this, the Samajwadi Party said in the Lok Sabha that the CBI, ED is being used against those who raise voice against the Center in other states like Bihar, Uttar Pradesh. The RJD leader described it as the murder of democracy and said that the Center deliberately harasses Laloo Prasad Yadav and his family. At the same time, Supriya Sule from NCP said that it is not right to use such CBI against the woman CM.

Saugata Roy, MP from Mamta’s party TMC, said in the Lok Sabha, “Satyagraha of Mamata Banerjee is about the misuse of CBI by the Central Government. The constitutional framework is being harmed by PM Modi and Amit Shah, which we oppose. PM should answer this.

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