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Chit fund scam/ Mamta’s Center against ‘Satyagraha’, BJP’s allegations- Rajdhari and CM himself saved

Chit fund scam: After the confrontation between the CBI team and the police, who came to investigate the role of the police commissioner Rajeev Kumar in the Saradha scam, Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has sat on a dharna at 9.30 pm on Sunday night. Mamta has given it the name Satyagraha. Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, SP President Akhilesh Yadav, Andhra CM CM Chandrababu Naidu, former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah, Raj Thackeray of MNS and 9 Opposition leaders have supported Mamata. Congress President Rahul also talked to Mamta Banerjee on this issue on the phone.

There was a ruckus in Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha on Monday for the CBI-police dispute, after which both the adjournments were postponed till noon. Union Steel Minister Birender Singh said that it will be appropriate for the state to work in the purview of the Constitution. Otherwise they should remember that there is also an option for President’s rule.

If this is not Constitution’s death then what is the this: BJP(chit fund scam)

BJP leader Prakash Javadekar said: “We want to ask, why are Mamata sitting on hold?” Want to save the police commissioner or save yourself? What do you want to hide? Trinamool MPs and ministers were arrested in the Chitfun case, then Mamta did not give up. What is this with the police commissioner, whom Mamata has sat on the road to save? A red diary, a pen drive was mentioned, in which many people have names, payment information. Does she want to avoid her? Those who know all the rumors of Chitfund scam are sitting on Mamta for protecting herself and herself. The Chief Minister’s house is in the meeting and he can get up and go to the police commissioner’s house, this is also the first time. If this constitution is not killed then what else?

BJP is a thief party, we are not – Mamta

  • Mamta Banerjee said, “The country has been troubled by Narendra Modi. Today, there are bad situations with emergency. Our patience is responding. The central government is putting pressure on the CBI to act. Modi has asked the CBI to do something. “
  • “We do not have a BJP thief party.” After our rally in Kolkata, Modi and Amit Shah have fallen behind us and the expiry date of the BJP is close. “
  • “The police commissioner’s house was raided at the behest of Ajit Doval. Rajiv Kumar is the world’s best police officer In the chit fund scam we investigated, arrests also happened. The CBI team had reached the police commissioner’s home without warrant. “
  • “My job is to protect everyone. We have to be one against Modi. Save the country by removing Modi. Today the federal structure of the country and the constitution is being attacked. I will sit on the road to save democracy. I will not present the budget in the assembly tomorrow. “

Strike in center-Bengal 3 times in 3 months

November 16, 2018: CBI stops investigation in state

Mamata accused the BJP of using the CBI and other agencies for its own benefit. Mamta Govt. The CBI has stopped the CBI from investigating in Bengal. According to the DSPE Act, the CBI has the right to go through the states, but consensus is necessary for this.

December 6, 2018: Mamta did not allow BJP to travel in chariot

Bengal government did not allow the BJP to ride the chariot, citing the state’s environment deteriorating. The BJP reached the Calcutta High Court against this decision. Here the single bench allowed the BJP to ride the chariot, but the division bench reversed this decision. After this the BJP reached the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court said that the BJP plans to revive the Rath Yatra. The court asked the Mamta Government that the BJP should allow public meetings and rallies.

December 29, 2018: Mamata denies data sharing(chit fund scam)

Mamta Banerjee told all the departments of the state that they should not share the data with the Center. He said that the Center is using this data to control the state and it is interfering in the federal structure. The Mamta Government has given several schemes of the Center including Ayushman India. Did not apply in Bengal.

Yogi did not let the helicopter down

Uttar Pradesh’s CM Yogi Adityanath’s Republic Bachao Rally was to be held on Sunday in southern Dinajpur district. However, the state government canceled the approval of the Yogi chopper without prior notice. Because of this, the CM Yogi could not reach the rally. After this he addressed the people through phone and audio link.

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Reason for the confrontation: BJP Target to win 22 seats in Bengal(chit fund scam)

  • In the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, the BJP The target of winning 22 of the 42 seats in Bengal has been targeted.
  • In 2014, BJP got 2 seats and then the vote share of the party was 16.8%.
  • In the 2016 assembly elections, the BJP won 3 seats, the vote share was 10.2%.
  • In February, the BJP became the second largest party in the by-elections in a Lok Sabha and an assembly seat in February last year.
  • In the Panchayat elections, BJP became the second largest party. TMC won 20,848 of 31,802 gram panchayat seats. BJP won the second position by winning 5636 seats.
  • This month, Modi’s meeting was held in Thakur Nagar. Modi here met the leader of the Matua community, Wani Devi. The Matua community is in a decisive role in the five seats here.


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