Manasi Dixit

Manasi Dixit- Murder in Mumbai, a resident model of Rajasthan,

Manasi Dixit – About six months ago, the model and accused were friends.

The accused said to the police – Unknowingly, the incident took place.

Police arrested his friend on charges of killing a 20-year-old model. Model ManasiManasi Dixit's Dixit’s body was found in a suitcase on Monday, which was thrown into the bushes of Malad West area. In CCTV footage the accused’s car pictures were captured. After this, the Mumbai Police claimed to have settled the murder case within four hours.

Police said that the accused Mujmamil Saeed (20) is a resident of Hyderabad. He confessed to the murder. He told that Manasi was in his flat at the time of the incident. There was a quarrel between the two, and he stole the stool on the head of Manasi. Manasi died due to excess bleeding. Mansi was living in Kota of Rajasthan and was living in Andheri for six months. The friendship of both of them was through a common friend.

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