The Queen of Jhansi Movie Review

Manikarnika : The Queen of Jhansi Movie Review

The Queen of Jhansi Movie Review

Artist :- Kangana Ranaut, Atul Kulkarni, Jisu Sengupta, Suresh Oberoi, Ankita Lokhande, Danny Dingogpa

Director:- Radha Krishna, Jagar Laludi, Kangna Ranaut Movie Type Drama, Biography, Action

duration:- 2 hours 28 minutes

In spite of countless controversies, Kangana did the same passion to complete the film, like after being the Queen of Jhansi after ‘Manikarnika’, Lakshmibai conveyed the passion of getting freedom to the floor.

The story begins with Amitabh Bachchan’s voice over. Manu alias Manikarnika has a heroic entry in the eighteen hundred and twenty eight decades, where she fainted the dreaded lion with its infinite archery.

This adopted daughter of Peshwa (Suresh Oberoi) born in Bithoor was blessed with bravery, courage and beauty, hence Rajguru (Kulbhushan Kharbanda) looks on him and due to his own strength, he is the daughter of King Gangadhar Rao Navalkhar of Jhansi. Is formed. History has been painted with the bravery of Queen Laxmibai with the British.

The Queen of Jhansi Movie Review

The story also shows the same fervor, but in the story, there are interesting tracks like Gaus Baba (Danny Dangongagpa), Swamishakti of Jhalkribhai and Swamishakti, Tatya Tope (Atul Kulkarni), indomitable and courage. The queen of Jhansi never bowed in front of the British. He is happy to give the heir to Jhansi that now the British will not be able to grab his right from the evil order, but by constructing a conspiracy of the house, the goddess Sadashiv (Mohammed Zeeshan Ayub) destroys Laxmibai’s laps and then takes the throne through the British. The story is completely focused on the queen of Jhansi.

The national movement of 1857 has not been shown as deeply. When Laxmibai reaches Gwalior while trying to defeat every British woman, then the bijul of freedom has been spread all over the country, then in the climax, the British army with the army of Sir Heros and the war of heroic sacrifice in the gallant manner. is.

Talk about direction, then everyone knows that it is responsibility for Radha Krishna, Jagar Lalmudi, and Kangana has played mainly, and there is no doubt that he has taken this burden on his delicate shoulders very well. The film progresses at a slow pace until the interval. The film is shot in an attempt to stabilize the different characters, but as soon as the Swaruptantra Sangram is busy in the second half, the film’s action, turn and twist, makes the ambience of the battle field exciting.(The Queen of Jhansi Movie Review)

As director, Kangana has been successful in patronizing patriotism on the occasion of Republic Day. In the film, the British government and the company’s aspect could be empowered. If the film uses better special effects, then the thrill increases. So far, we have seen historical films from Bhansali and Ashutosh Gowarikar’s view, but both Kangna’s looks and beauty show both beauty and bravery. Many scenes and dialogues force to clap. Prasun Joshi’s death for the motherland fills the dialogue.

The Queen of Jhansi Movie Review

Looking at Kangana’s fire brand performance on the screen, it seems that Manikarnika, Rani Laxmibai’s role of Jhansi was made for her. Various concepts were being made about his direction and acting, but in his unprecedented style, he conveyed that he is suitable in every way for that role. If it is called the excellent performance of his career, then it will not be wrong. As a teenager he has been very handsome and enjoyable, but as a warrior on the battlefield, he has taken the iron with the enemies with the same agility. Kangna has worked hard on the character’s body language, dialog-delivery and action sequences.

The Queen of Jhansi Movie Review: Ankita Lokhande’s movie debut as Jhalkaribai has been impressive. They should have given more screen space. It was nice to see Danny Dangongagpa as a Gaus Baba in the curtain over a period of time. Among other roles, Kulbhushan Kharbanda, Suresh Oberoi, Richard Keep, Jissu Sengupta have done justice with their roles. Zeeshan Ayub did not get many chances.

In the music of Shankar-Ahsan-Loy, songs like Prasoon Joshi ‘When will you resist’, songs like ‘Vijayee Bhav’, ‘Dankila’, ‘Bharat’ have become in line with the theme of the movie.

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