Elections in Jammu and Kashmir

Mayawati and Farooq Abdullah target the central government for the elections in Jammu and Kashmir

Elections in Jammu and Kashmir: Mayawati targeted the Modi government by tweeting her Twitter handle. He wrote that this is a sign of PM Narendra Modi’s failure to Kashmir policy. At the same time, Farooq Abdullah said that why can not the assembly elections when panchayat elections are peaceful?

There is a debate on the Election Commission’s decision to not hold assembly elections in Jammu and Kashmir with the Lok Sabha elections. After former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah, BSP supremo Mayawati and National Conference leader Farooq Abdullah also targeted the central government. Mayawati said that it is a sign of the failure of Modi government’s Kashmir policy. At the same time, Farooq Abdullah said that when all the parties want elections, why can not the assembly elections be held with the Lok Sabha elections?

Farooq Abdullah told reporters, “All parties are in favor of elections together in Jammu and Kashmir. The environment is favorable for the Lok Sabha elections but why not for the assembly elections in Jammu and Kashmir? Local panchayat elections were peaceful, there is enough security force here, why can not the assembly elections be held? ‘

Modi’s failure to make election: Maya

Mayawati tweeted, “It is a sign of the failure of the Modi government’s Kashmir policy to not make general elections for the assembly in Lok Sabha elections in Jammu and Kashmir.” Why can not they choose the assembly on the same day that the security forces can elect Loksabha elections? The logic of the center is absurd and BJP’s pretense is childish. ‘

‘Air strikes happen because elections were close’

Farooq Abdullah gave a controversial statement about the air strikes. He said, ‘We always knew that there can be small fight with Pakistan with war. But the air strikes happened because the elections are near. We lost an aircraft worth crores. Thankfully, the pilot (Wing Commander congratulations) survived and returned from Pakistan with respect.

EC logic

With the Lok Sabha elections, the Election Commission has also announced to hold assembly elections in four states on one side, although the commission has declared the elections in the state even after the assembly was dissolved in Jammu and Kashmir. In the conference press conference of Delhi, Chief Election Commissioner Sunil Arora said that the state assembly elections will not be voted in Jammu and Kashmir for the sake of security.

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Omar’s Central Government target (Elections in Jammu and Kashmir)

Following the announcement of the Election Commission, National Conference leader Omar Abdullah also criticized the central government and PM Modi. In a tweet, Umar wrote, “PM Modi has surrendered before Pakistan, terrorists and the Hurriyat. Very good Modi sahib, 56 inch chest has failed.

Umar raised question on Rajnath

While commenting on the Union Home Minister in another tweet, Omar said, “What happened to Rajnath Singh’s promises made in the Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha and all-party meeting that all the security forces will be made available for the elections.” Referring to the last elections, Omar wrote in his tweet, “It is happening for the first time since 1996 that the assembly elections are not going to happen at the time. Every time you appreciate PM Modi’s strong leadership, you have to take care of this. ”

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