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Mehbooba Mufti spoke on PM’s ‘Diwali’ statement – Pak did not keep nuclear bomb for Eid

Former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister and PDP chief Mehbooba Mufti has strongly condemned the statement of PM Narendra Modi, in which he had warned Pakistan that we did not have a nuclear bomb to celebrate Diwali. Countering Modi’s statement, Mufti said that if India has not kept the nuclear bomb to celebrate Diwali, then it is obvious that Pakistan has not even kept it for Eid. During this, Mehbooba expressed resentment over the level of PM Modi’s election speeches.

In the election rally in Barmer Rajasthan, PM Modi warned the neighboring country that we had not kept the nuclear bomb for Diwali. The PM had said that India has abandoned the policy of fear of threatening Pakistan. Otherwise, Pakistan had threatened nuclear bomb. They used to say that we have a nuclear button. So what is India’s brother? Is this nuclear bomb kept for Diwali? They said that we entered the house and killed the terrorists. The injury occurred and pain came here.

Mufti said while criticizing the PM’s statement, “If India has not kept nuclear bombs to celebrate Diwali, then it is clear that Pak has not kept it for Eid.” Meanwhile, Mufti also said that he does not understand why PM Modi is going to such a low level and why are rhetoric? Mufti also alleged that the PM has done a lot to throw away the level of political debate.

Mehbooba Mufti- ‘The problem of Jammu and Kashmir could have been resolved in 1971’

Actually, speaking in the attack on Congress in Rajasthan, Modi alleged that the Congress had lost the better chance of solving the problem of Jammu and Kashmir during the 1971 war. While praising his Government during this time, the PM had said, “Today’s India is infiltrating terrorists without breaking into the border of Pakistan without war.” We created terror in the mind of the terrorists. ‘

‘We removed the vanity of Pakistan’

The PM further said, “The terrorist attacks in the country were common because of the free exemption given to Pakistan. Due to your vote this terror attack has decreased. We removed all the heirs of Pakistan He forced him to walk around the world with a bowl. During our government, India joined the forces of the world, who have the ability to attack nuclear, nuclear, water, land, land, from all three places. ‘

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