Mexico: Vertical garden built on a thousand-pillar for more oxygen

The exercise is being done to make Mexico pollution less. This project has been named Via Verde, under which vertical gardens have been built on the flyers’ pillars. The purpose of these gardens is to create more and more oxygen for the population, thereby fostering the climate of the city.

The purpose of this project is to make the City of Mexico gray from gray (gray). In Mexico City, traffic and smog have increased in the last few years. According to NGO Lega Petonal’s Public Health Coordinator Sergio Andrade Ochoa, the increase in the number of cars in Mexico City has also increased pollution. We want to plant trees, but the government left the vacant space in terms of cars.

Architect gave unique ideas


The idea of ​​the Via Verde project was given by an architect Fernando Ortiz Monastirio. His firm Verde Vertical also ran online changelog strength to gain the support of people. In this petition, it was claimed that their plan was implemented, then in Mexico City the total population could be able to generate oxygen for an additional 25 thousand people.

At the same time, every year 27,000 tonnes of toxic gases, 5000 kg dust will get rid of. Along with this, 10 thousand kg heavy metal in the smoke can also be processed. Louis Gerrardo Mendez, an actor friend of Monastirio also promoted this project and signed 80 thousand people to focus on the government’s attention.

Money collected from private funding

Verde Vertical conducted a survey for the project. Taxes, donations from people, private funding by corporations, asked the method of raising the budget for the project. Most votes (47%) are available for private funding. After this, the corporation funding would give the architects 300 million pesos (about 114 crore rupees). Two years ago, the work of constructing a vertical garden on a thousand pillar was started.

Architect Monacetrio is happy with creating a vertical garden on the pillar. He says that I am a capitalist environmentalist. We did our work properly. At the same time, the Lega Patonal NGO told the project to fail. NGO’s Juan Manuel Bardeja and Sergio Andrade Ochoa said that there are two different things to improve air quality and to prevent climate change. The hypocrisy of the government has come out through the project. More than 3 thousand trees were cut down to make the garden inside the city.

Controversy over project claims

Preventing climate change through trees is a complex process. The process of reducing or eliminating air pollution from trees is known as phyorremedicine. In this process, carbon turns into oxygen. Some species of plants have this quality. The Lega Patonal NGO claims that the plants which were mentioned in the Via Verde project are easy to maintain. They are not able to absorb the poisonous air. However, an official attached to the project says that the emission of greenhouse gases is not our motive.

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