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Microsoft co-founder Allen dies from cancer

Microsoft co-founder Allen, 65, died due to cancer illness. In the 1970s, he founded Microsoft with Bill Gates. Allen’s sister said that she was fantastic in every field. Most people know him as technocrat and social worker but for us, he was a dear brother, uncle and a great friend. Forbes rated Alan’s net worth at $ 20.3 billion (about Rs 1.49 lakh crore).

Cancer was revealed two weeks ago
Alan had revealed two weeks earlier that she returned from Lymphoma (Blood Cancer) 9 years ago. Blood cancer affects the white blood cells and eliminates the body’s immune system.

Alan used to manage his business and charity work from a company called Vulkon Inc. He was also very active in the Allen Institute of Scientific Research. He bought two sports teams Seattle Hawks and Portland Trail Blazers in the US. There was a stake in the football team named Seattle Sounders.

According to National Football League commissioner Roger Goodall, the more passionate they were about the games, they were also determined to achieve the same purpose. They led a model organization by staying in and out.

Alan also created a space company named Stratolunch. This company had made the largest plane of the world, although this plane could never fly. This plane has been tested in Mojave Air and California space port.

Allen left Microsoft in 1983 and created a company called Vulcan. The company issued a statement and said- “It was a great masterpiece in solving the most difficult challenges in the world.” His passion for creativity and new things will always be remembered.

Microsoft said – Allen’s contributions to our company, industry and community will always be remembered. As co-founder of Microsoft, he made a wondrous product. They changed the world.

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