MiG 27 crashes

MiG 27 crashes; Pilot ejected himself during the time, secured

MiG-27 crashes: Here the Air Force fighter aircraft MiG-27 crashed on Sunday. Pilot ejected the aircraft from time to time. He is safe. He has been brought from the helicopter to Jodhpur. The aircraft took flight from the Airbase located in Jodhpur. The crashed plane was on its regular practice flight.

Air Force officials arrived on the spot and the pilot was rescued when the crash was reported. Air Force has ordered an inquiry into the incident. Witnesses said that the aircraft had become a fireball in the air.(MiG-27 crashes)

Even before MIG-27 has victim of this incident.

In the IAF, most of the accidents in MiG-class aircraft have been in Egypt-MiG-21 and MiG-27. On March 8 in Bikaner also the MiG-21 crashed. In the last 10 years, the Air Force has lost its 99 aircraft in various categories.

Air Force has the newest aircraft Sukhoi-30 Apart from this, all other aircraft have become quite old. At the same time, the most MiG-class aircraft is. Of these, the number of MiG-21 is 112. While 44 is MiG-27 and 66 MiG-29.

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