What did the farmer get in the budget

Modi government has done a big joke with the farmers in budget

What did the farmer get in the budget: The last budget 2019 finally ended, someone found so lot in it and probably someone could not find anything.

All eyes were laid on this budget that the government would provide relief to the common people and the farmers. Someone got relief from this budget, but someone got a lollipop in the name of relief.

Talking about the farmers whose hands have been given a lollipop in the name of relief. The government decided to give 6,000 rupees annually to the farmers in the budget and the first installment would be applicable in March.

Farmers’ demands were something else that was ignored in the budget, so the farmers are very angry.

Major demands of farmers(What did the farmer get in the budget)

  • The Swaminathan commission report is applicable
  • Full debt waiver of casinos
  • MSP of each grain is fixed
  • Subsidies to farmers on Diesel
  • Understanding payment of sugarcane should be immediately

These big demands of the farmers, which they have been traveling to Delhi. But after the sticks and assurances of the police procured in the movement, the government has now decided to give 6 thousand rupees in three installments and left the trust of the rest of the next government. For instance, farmers who land up to two hectares will be given 500 rupees per month, the first installment of Rs 2,000 in March will be in accounts. After the first installment, elections are going to be held in the country i.e. the new government will be formed. While conceding this decision of the government, Congress is raising questions on the principle. Congress President Rahul Gandhi has described the Modi government’s decision to give 17 rupees to farmers every day as an insult to the farmers.

Budget proposal

In the name of the farmers, there have been some other things in the budget. The budget says that separate department will be formed for fishery, fishermen will be given two percent relaxation on loan from credit card, 2 percent interest will be given to farmers in natural calamities and 3 percent additional interest on return of loan from time to time Will be forgiven But these things are just proposals. The current Modi government does not have to do any work from this. Whatever the next government will have to do. Again whether the Modi government repeats or the government changes.

However, to make the farmers happy, the government is accepting proposals with only 6 thousand rupees. PM Modi is also happy that he has done a great job for the farmers. He said that the first farmer schemes got the benefit of only 2-3 crore farmers, now 12 crore farmers will get it.

It is not just a farmer, but it is also a voter, who will have to vote in the Lok Sabha elections in April-May and immediately before that, the first installment of Rs. 2 thousand in his accounts will be reached. 12 crore farmers means nearly 36 million voters.

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