Modi in Pasighat rally

Modi in Pasighat rally: PM Narendra Modi’s attack on Congress manifesto

Modi in Pasighat rally: In the Congress manifesto, Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeted on the promise of expelling treason from the scope of crime. Addressing a rally in Pasighat, Arunachal Pradesh, PM Modi said that Congress is with the country or is with the traitors. PM Modi said, “Congress has also made a plan for abusers of the country.The Congress also sympathizes with those who shout slogans of ‘India will be your pieces’, Tricolor Burners and Ambedkar statue breakers. The Congress has promised to save even those who do not believe in the Constitution of India.

Prime Minister Modi termed the Congress manifesto deeply tense and termed it as a scandalous letter. PM Modi said that on one side the intentional government was nominated for false promises on the other. His manifesto is also full of lies, it should not be called a deceptive letter. PM Modi asked people in the rally at Pasighat: Are you happy with this watchman? PM Modi said that this election is a choice between resolution and conspiracy, corruption and trust. This is the election between your tradition, respecters and those who insult.

Modi in Pasighat rally- ‘Congress’s 2004 promise not completed till 2014’

PM Modi said that during our tenure, we have been working to bring electricity to every household in the country. For this we have illuminated 18 thousand villages and 30 million families. He said that Congress did this promise in 2004, but did not complete till 2014. PM Modi said, “Congress had said in 2004 that by the year 2009, every household will be given electricity. Program for this also declared, but when I came in 2014, 18,000 villages of the country and 30 million people were in the dark. When the election of 2014 came again, again, once again the promise was repeated, that 100% of the cities and 90% of the electricity will be provided in the villages. The PM said that in 2004 he was saying, would deliver everyone. In 2009, said that something would be missed and it was the same in 2014.

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