Modi in Meerut rally

Modi insulted poor people in Meerut rally: Congress

PM Modi threw his election campaign through a rally in Meerut on Thursday and with this the political ‘Mahasangram’ of 2019 was also inaugurated. While PM Modi compared the Maha coalition  to liquor and tarnished the promise of minimum income of Congress, Congress and Samajwadi Party also reverted to him on the other. While the Congress demanded an apology from PM Modi for jumping the poor, Akhilesh attacked Modi by saying that those who promote hatred do not know the difference between alcohol and liquor.

PM Modi inaugurated the election campaign in western UP and hit a sharp attack on the Opposition. Taking a dig at Congress’s promise of the NYAY (minimum income scheme) for the poor, Modi said that those who can not open the account of the poor, what will they pay? Right after the PM’s rally, Congress reversed accusing PM Modi of making fun of poor people. At the same time, compared to the opposition coalition liquor, Congress and Samajwadi Party attacked the PM.

(Modi insulted poor people in Meerut rally: Congress)

Congress spokesman Randeep Surjewala attacked the PM Modi, saying that he has become a habit of abuse, pretense, slander and drama, but he should have been able to make fun of the NYAY scheme for the poor. Describing PM Modi as a snob of ego, Surjewala said, “You are the leader of the Opposition, the Prime Minister is less. The flop movie actors are more, the prime minister is less. The ego has become drunk in the drunkenness. We know that you dream of Rahul Gandhi and Congress. Sweating, drooping, scared, scared, angry, you passed 5 years. Nothing done, just talk. ‘

The Congress spokesperson said that do not sneer on the opposition but make fun of poor people. Surjewala said, “We know that you are afraid of the Congress but you should fear the public’s ah. We will do a splash, but do not make fun of the NYAY scheme for the poor. Let Congress party president Rahul Gandhi promise that if his party is formed, then he will give 72,000 rupees annually under the minimum income scheme to the poor families of the country.

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Critically criticizing the alliance of SP, BSP and RLD for ‘liquor’, Surjewala said that Prime Minister Modi should apologize to the people of the country. He said, ‘Modi ji has insulted the whole country. The limitations have been violated. Three opposition parties have told SP, BSP and RLD as liquor. Do such words suit a prime minister? ‘ Explain that Modi attacked the alliance in Meerut rally and said, “With the support of the Samajwadi Party, the RLD and the Bahujan Samaj Party, the liquor is made, which is harmful to the health.”

Samajwadi Party President Akhilesh Yadav has also reverted to PM Modi on the comparison of the general elections of SP, RLD and BSP to liquor. He tweeted that today’s poll has opened up that those who promote hatred of alcohol are not aware of the difference between alcohol and alcohol.

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