Modi said in parliament

Modi said in parliament: My 55 months heavy on your 55th year

Modi said in parliament : Prime Minister Modi said that Congress considers its right to power. He said that 55 years of my 55 years are heavy. More than 100 million toilets have been built in the last four and a half years, I have built toilets for the country’s 100 million people, because these people say that my government is for the rich. PM Modi said that in 55 months we have worked to provide 13 million gas connections. You have trouble getting electricity in 18 thousand villages, now 100 million people have bank accounts. The work that had to be done in 20 years had to be completed by me.

Congress has ruined institutions: Modi

Attacking Congress, PM Modi said that the work was done to humiliate the Election Commission. The Congress used to scare in the name of impeachment. PM Modi said that the Congress has done the task of sacking the elected governments, the Congress should not talk about the respect and dignity of the institutions. He said that the decision of the cabinet was torn into the press conference till it was torn. Please think just before you lift your finger on Modi. Khargeji is stuck in trouble and is opposing everything.

Modi threw up the thieves: (Modi said in parliament)

Countering the statement of Kharge, PM Modi said that whatever is spoken out is only spoken inside, it means that the people of Congress speak differently in and outside, because they speak lies. He said that your habit has been spoiled by lying, you have difficulty listening to the truth. On the charge of wasting institutions, the Prime Minister said that the upside thief today is scolding Kotwal. You humiliated the army, you set an emergency, you called the army chief as a gunda, questioning the surgical strike, the coup reports were made, it is an insult to the army.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said during the discussion that there was nothing in the country before the Congress and that which happened in the country was due to a dynasty. PM Modi said that India has become the number six economy of 11th in the last four years. Those who had the distinction of reaching the 11th position, they are in pain today at number six. Modi said that India has become the world’s largest steel producer, the second most mobile is made in India, internet data is the cheapest and most consumed in India. Today the aviation sector is fastest growing. Our policies should be criticized, it is good for democracy. But BJP is also criticizing Modi for doing the evil of the country. There are false press conferences in London. On the hootering of the Congress, Modi said that I should be in my own capacity, that’s fine.

PM Modi’s answer on thanks motion(Modi said in parliament)

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is now responding to a discussion on thanks motion. He thanked the entire House for a meaningful discussion. He said that everyone has made meaningful discussions and some criticisms have also happened. Opposition parties have compulsions There is nothing to say in the election year. Modi said that after going from here we are going to give information about the work to the people. PM Modi gave Haridar greetings to everyone to compete in the elections.

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PM condoles insult of constitution: Owaisi

Speaking on the thanks motion, AIMIM MP Asaduddin Owaisi said that he stood to oppose the proposal. He said that the Prime Minister and his Cabinet have worked against the constitution and its oath. Owaisi said that the Prime Minister made a statement in his speech or demanded a mosque in his speech, which is against that oath.

At the same time, the Prime Minister has filed a petition in the Supreme Court seeking land in Ayodhya, it is also against the oath of constitution. Owaisi said that due to the mistakes of the government, Kashmir is suffering today and because of these policies, relations with foreign leaders are worsening. The government relies on Hindustan or rely on Hindutva, you have not filed an appeal against people acquitted in the Mecca Masjid blast. Deen Dayal Upadhyay is accused of fraud, this government has given him Bharat Ratna. Bharat Ratna has only become a club of Brahmins and Classes.(Modi said in parliament)

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