Modi said the alliance is not against me

Modi said The alliance is not against me, against the people of India

Modi said the alliance is not against me: Prime Minister Narendra Modi will lay the foundation stone of the medical college being built at Silvassa at a cost of Rs 189 crore. Here are the words of Modi Take a look at Mamata Banerjee’s Unaidate India rally in Bengal. Modi said that the Maha coalition is not against me but against the people of the country.

Modi said that the Maha coalition has not come along with it right now and has started bargaining on its share from now on. My steps against corruption have made some people restless. It is natural that they get angry, because I stopped them from robbing public money. As a result, it turned out that they had now formed a coalition.

Modi handed over Vajra Tank to army

Modi dedicated the L & T Armored Systems Complex to the country in Hazira (Surat). They also boarded the battle tank here. Defense Minister Nirmala Sitharaman was also present in the program. In this complex of L & T, under the make-in-India program of the Modi Government, war tanks have been prepared, it has been named as ‘K-9 thunderstorm’. 100 Hawgitzer cannon and other military weapons will also be built. (Modi said the alliance is not against me)

Daman-Diu to meet Rs 1700 crore plans

Modi will launch schemes of Daman-Diu more than Rs. 1,700 crores In Navsari, you will also keep the cornerstone of the unique Cancer Hospital equipped with state-of-the-art facilities.

Will start cinema museum in Mumbai

Prime Minister will inaugurate the new building of the National Museum of Indian Cinema in Mumbai. In the museum, the story of Indian cinema will be heard through interactive medium such as visual and graphics, film clipping.

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