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Modi said: The need to put pressure on those who spread terror; Saudis Prince said – on this issue we are with India

Saudis Prince said: India raised the issue of the Pulwama attack against Saudi Arabia on Wednesday. Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in the presence of Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman bin Saud of Saudi Arabia that there is a need to put pressure on those who spread terrorism. At the same time, the Saudi Crown Prince promised India’s full cooperation on this issue. However, he did not take the name of the Pulwama attack. Earlier, there were five agreements between the two countries.

These 5 agreements were signed between the two countries (Saudis Prince said)

Agreement on Energy between India and Saudi Arabia
MOO signed in tourism sector
Agreement to promote bilateral business
Transmission Sharing agreement between Prasar Bharti and Saudi Arabia
Agreement in the field of International Solar Alliance
Close-up relationship of Saudi-India: Modi

In a shared statement, Prime Minister Modi said, “Happy to welcome Prince Salman to India’s first visit. The relations between the two countries are near and old. With your guidance, there has been some sweetness in our bilateral relations. In the twenty-first century, Saudi Arabia is an important source of energy for India. ”

He said, “I am happy that we are ready for the biennial summit. Today we have made extensive discussions on relations. Decided to take economic relations to a new height. I welcome Saudi investment in India’s infrastructure. Saudi involvement in the world’s largest petroleum refinery leads him a lot. Saudi cooperation is particularly important in the field of nuclear energy and health. Today, we have decided to issue e-Visas for Saudi citizens to increase business and tourism. ”

He said, “The brutal assault that took place in Pulwama last week is a sign of the cruelty of the threat of terrorism on the world. We agree that there is a need to put pressure on countries that support and support terrorism. It is very necessary to punish the terrorists and its supporters, so that they can not mislead the youth to walk on the path of violence. I am happy that both the countries hold the same views about this. ”

We can go ahead in the field of agro-energy: Prince Salman

Crown Prince said, “This is my first visit as a delegation head in India. Both countries have gained strength in the last 50 years. We can move forward in agriculture and energy. We have invested $ 44,000 billion (about 3 lakh 13 thousand crores). We want the two countries to make investment advantageous. As far as our views on extremism and terrorism are the same. I want to tell my friend India that we will work together on all fronts including intelligence. We will ensure better future for future generations. We want to thank you for the invitation. ”

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Crown Prince suggested to talk to Indo-Pak in Pakistan

Six days after the Pulwama attack, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Saud has visited India. They had gone to Pakistan before. There he had contracted with Pakistan $ 20 billion (about 1, 43, 000 crores). Saudi Arabia has already given loan to Pakistan 6 billion dollars (about 43 thousand crore rupees). In the Joint Statement issued by Crown Prince with Pak Prime Minister Imran Khan, he suggested that Indo-Pak should interact with each other on sensitive issues.

Saudis Prince said:Saudi fourth largest business partner of India

Saudi Arabia is the fourth largest trading partner of India. During the year 2017-18, the annual trade between the two countries was 1.95 lakh crore. Saudi Arabia is providing 17% of India’s total requirement of crude oil and 32% LPG.

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