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Modi’s tweet: Every person is watchman fighting corruption and dirt

Modi tweet: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday on the charge of Rahul Gandhi’s ‘watchman thief’. He tweeted – Your watchman is standing firmly in the service of the country. But I’m not alone. Everyone who is fighting corruption, dirt and enemies of society is a watchman. Any person who is working hard for the development of India is a watchman. Today every Indian is saying – I too have a watchman

Rahul Gandhi has been blaming Modi

  • During rallies and roadshows, Rahul Gandhi is often referring to the Rafael case by telling people that Modi is corrupt. He also applies slogans to the people – ‘The watchman is a thief’.
  • Rahul’s ‘watchman is a thief’ says some people have gone naked. Recently, Maharashtra State Security Guard Union has complained to the police that Congress President has insulted all the detained officers by saying that, so the case should be lodged against them.
  • Union Principal Sandeep Ghughhe said that the police file a case against Rahul. They have insulted all the watchers. If the police will take action then the Congress President will avoid his insult in the future.

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‘the pot is calling the kettle black'(Modi tweet)

In the last session of the Lok Sabha in February, Modi had said, “You said that Modi is ending institutions, is wasting, ruining. We have the saying here. Dont turn upside down thief watchman I think it needs to be considered. Emergency Congress threw in the country, but says Modi is wasting. Humiliated the army. The commander is called a gunda and says that Modi is ruining the institute. Stories of coup are fabricated. Such a huge rebuff on army’s respect. This is the sin which you have committed, the army of India is feeling a wound on the chest. To date, no one has committed such sin only for politics. It did bad. “(Modi tweet)

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