Narendra Modi in Odisha

Narendra Modi in Odisha : PM says – meditation on Eastern India for the first time

Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Odisha Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday handed over projects to Odisha about 15 thousand crore rupees. The Prime Minister inaugurated the IIT campus in Orissa’s capital Bhubaneswar, along with the introduction of pipeline work under the energy ganga scheme.

The Prime Minister’s visit is being linked to the Lok Sabha elections in 2019. Bharatiya Janata Party is pushing for East India this time, this is the reason why BSP wants to put its full strength here.

Highlights(Narendra Modi in Odisha : PM says )

  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi handed over 14523 crores to Odisha
  • This tour is special because of the 2019 Lok Sabha elections.
  • Prime Minister will take two visits to Odisha in January
  • BJP eyes 21 Lok Sabha seats in Odisha

Meditation on Education with Education

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the future of the country will be better with the help of IIT. He said that the central government has given a lot of attention to the network of roads. In the last four years, our government has developed many institutions of education across the country.

Our focus is on New India, it will encourage start up and youth will get employment. The Prime Minister said that along with education, the central government is focusing on public health. He said that the capacity of the ESI hospital has been doubled. Under the Ayushman Bharat Scheme, 1150 health and wellness centers are being constructed in Odisha.

East India will become the gateway of India

Addressing a public meeting here, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that these 14000 crore projects will help the common man in Odisha. He said that for the first time in the history of the country, a central government has given much attention to Eastern India. He said that the Central Government is moving forward as developing East India as a gateway.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today gave Rs 14,523 crore to Odisha. In this IIT Bhubaneshwar, pipeline, road project of hundreds of kilometers, ESI hospital is a 100-bed program.

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