Narendra Modi interview

Narendra Modi interview: PM Modi speaks at Ram temple – government will not bring ordinance right now

Narendra Modi interview: Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave the first interview of 2019. PM Modi has said in an interview to News Agency ANI that the Ordinance will not be brought to the Ram Temple. This will be considered only after the legal process.


  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s first interview in 2019
  • PM Modi gives interview to News Agency ANI
  • PM says no mandate on Ram temple

PM Modi spoke on Mallya-Neerav Modi

On the question of how big businessmen such as Vijay Mallya and Neerav Modi escaped with money, PM Modi said that because the government was strict against such people, these people fled. But if the first government is there, then it remains here and looted. PM Modi assured that the government is fully committed to bring the stolen money of Hindustan. Please tell that Vijay Mallya 9 thousand crore and Neerwa Modi escaped with a loan of about 13 thousand crore.

What Modi said on the note-book

On whether the reason for the defeat was in the ban, PM Modi replied that there was a parallel economy in the country. PM Modi said that the country’s economy had worsened with the sacked notes, but now the money has come into the banking system and the atmosphere of honesty is created. PM Modi clearly said that bringing banquet was not a shock, we had told people a year ago that do so. But people took the Modi government like the first governments, and few people came and deposited their religion. PM Modi said that the ban has not been decided overnight, it has taken a year. Let me tell you that PM Modi had announced a bank on 500-1000 notes across the country suddenly at eight o’clock in the night of 8th November 2016, so that the countrymen faced many difficulties.

Is Modi-Shah moving in BJP?

On this question, Modi Modi and Amit Shah are running BJP, PM Modi said that it is like people who know the BJP. He said that BJP is today the largest organization in the world and BJP runs from polling booth, not just two people.

Modi speaks on Congress free India

On the Congress free slogan of BJP, PM Modi said that Congress is a thought, a culture and that culture has spread to the country. That is why when I say Congress free, I talk about freedom from such thinking and culture. Unfortunately, there is no strong opposition in the country.

PM Modi spoke on the wave

On whether Modi wave prevailed or not, PM Modi said that the Opposition believes Modi wave, it is a big deal in itself. But he said that he himself believes that the lahal is only for the people’s aspirations and aspirations.

Satisfaction of giving free treatment to the poor in 2018

While congratulating New Year on behalf of all the nationals, PM Narendra Modi named 2018 as the most successful year. On the defeat he got in the assembly elections this year, he said that the elections are a small aspect of the country’s many aspects. On the other side, the Ayushman plan is being treated by the poor and this is a matter of great satisfaction for me. In 2018, the country has made progress in every field.

Cleanliness of PM on RBI controversy

Responding to political pressure on the institutions of the country, PM Modi shared a new information. He said on the resignation of RBI governor Urjit Patel that he had resigned himself, there was no political pressure on him. Explain that on the resignation of Urjit Patel, other opposition parties, including the Congress, had alleged that the synergy between the RBI and the Modi government was not correct and due to this, Urjit Patel resigned from the post of Governor. On these allegations, PM Modi said that Urjit Patel had asked me to resign 6-7 months ago.

PM Modi gave a blow to temple issue!

The demand for the construction of the temple by the law of the National Self-Service Association and other Hindu organizations was being sought, but the statement of PM Narendra Modi has shocked them with this demand. PM Modi has clearly stated that the Ordinance will be considered only after the completion of the law process at Ram Temple. That is, till the issue of Ram temple is going on in the Supreme Court, till then the Modi government will not bring the ordinance to it.

PAK will not improve with a fight

PM Modi said on cross-border Pakistan movements that it would be a big mistake to think that Pakistan would be reformed by a fight. He said that it will take more time to improve Pakistan.

PM Modi’s attack on Gandhi family

Attacking the Gandhi family, he said that four generations of Congress have launched a nation and such a family is now out on bail due to financial irregularities.

Urjit Patel wanted to resign several months ago

On Patel’s resignation from the Reserve Bank of India, he said that the government is not under any pressure on the RBI and Urjit Patel has resigned for personal reasons. PM Modi said, “I am telling this for the first time that he was talking about resigning from 6-7 months ago. Even he gave it in writing. He has done a good job and there is no question of political pressure.

PM Modi spoke on the Demonetization

On the Demonetization he said that this was not a shock. We had warned people a year ago that if you have black money you can deposit it.

PM Modi speaks on Pakistan(Narendra Modi interview:)

PM Modi has also said that Pakistan will not improve by a fight.

The decision on surgical strike was risky

PM Modi said on the surgical strike that the decision was risky. He said that there was concern about the safety of the soldiers.

PM Modi speaks on election in 2019

The election of 2019 will be in the public versus the general body.

Ram temple to be built by law

PM Modi has said that the ordinance will be considered only after the legal process of Ram temple. However, he has said that the Congress has obstructed the legal process. He has said clearly that Ram temple will be made by law.

PM Interviews between Rafael Controversy

The PM Modi’s interview is coming at a time when three divorced bills have been introduced in Parliament, as well as the decision taken by the Supreme Court on big issues such as Rafael, his government is considering a clean chit. Congress President Rahul Gandhi has accused him of not speaking on the issue like Rafael. It is believed that PM Modi can reverse the Congress on this issue too.

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