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NASA lost the Space Suit to Neil Armstrong, the first step on the moon

Neil Armstrong: NASA has lost many important stuff including Neil Armstrong’s space suit, taking the first step on the moon. This was revealed by a report from NASA’s Inspector General’s Office. It was reported in this report that many historical items have been lost or many former employees have taken them with them. According to the report, these items were of historical importance to NASA and the country, which the Space Agency failed to keep in mind.

Chandrayaan prototype sold in junk
According to the report, the missing items included Chandrayaan prototype found in Alabama during 2014. The owner of this prototype was ready to sell the device to NASA. He waited for the space agency’s response for 4 months. After this Chandrayaan prototype was sold in junk.

neil armstrong

NASA tried to buy that device from the owner of the scrap yard, but he refused to sell. Also, understanding the historical value of Chandrayaan and its auctioneering. NASA and the Inspector General’s Office have no information about that prototype of Chandrayaan.

Moon dust particles become auctioned(neil armstrong)

NASA also lost a bag of Apollo 11, in which the Moon’s dust particles were. However, officials had recovered this bag in 2013, but in 2015 a US Marshal service official sold the bag to a civilian for just $ 995. NASA also filed a lawsuit to get this bag, but did not get success. This bag was auctioned for $ 1.8 million in July 2017.

A NASA supervisor said that an Apollo 11 mission, which looks like a video game joystick, three hand controllers took an employee with him in 1985. A few years later, he sold these hand controllers to the person who bought space goods. After much effort, NASA secured the three hand controllers and placed them in the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum.

Special watch for space mission now in London

According to the Inspector General’s Office, NASA has now lost its Omega Speedmaster Professional Watch for the Space Mission. This clock’s auction took place in London during December 2014. The local government bought this watch and kept it in the museum. However, due to NASA’s poor record, it did not prove that German astronaut Rainhard Füur used this clock during the space mission or not.

According to the report, Neil Armstrong’s space suit, which took the first step on the moon in the latest developments, was auctioned for $ 11 thousand on October 30. NASA could not do anything to save this suit too. During the auction of historical items, the light blue space suit was also available for sale. Nasa was also written in blue on this dress. However, it was not known how the dress came from NASA’s space center for the auction.

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