Nasa mars landing

Nasa mars landing: Two small satellites were sent to monitor the Spacecraft Insight landed on Mars.

Nasa mars landing: Six to seven minutes of landing time for insight were extremely important. At the time of landing on the surface, its speed was 19,800 km per hour. Within the next six minutes, it came at a speed of zero. After this, he came out of the parachute and landed on his three legs.

Information sent in 8 minutes

Meanwhile, the eyes of scientists from around the world are insights on the two satellites following this. These satellites, named by the characters of Disney, ‘WALL-E’ and ‘Eve’ gave information about the landing of Insight on Mars in eight minutes. NASA has made live coverage of this entire mission.

Nasa mars landing

Important things related to Insight(Nasa mars landing)

  • The full name of 358 kg Insight is ‘Interior Exploration Usaging Seismic Investigations’. This vehicle, powered by solar energy and battery, has been designed to work for 26 months.
  • This mission of 7044 crore comprises scientists from more than 10 countries including the US, Germany, France and Europe.
  • Principal scientist of Insight Project Bruce Banner said that it is a time machine that will detect how the rockets like Mars, Earth and Moon are made about 4.5 billion years ago.
  • Its main device is a seismometer, created by the French Space Agency. After landing, the ‘robotic arm’ will put a semomometer on the surface. The second main tool is ‘self-hammering’ which will record the flow of heat in the surface of the planet.
  • NASA chose the Landing Site named Ilyasium Planica to land the insight. The surface at this place was flat. It is easy to apply the cmometer and drill the surface.

The interior map of Mars will be made from seismic waves born from earthquake(Nasa mars landing)
The Seismic Wave, which is produced by earthquake on Mars, will be the internal maps of Mars. The focus of the Curiosity Spacruz sent earlier was on water, but it would study the structure of Satellite Mars.

Mars is like Mars

Mars is similar to Earth in many cases. There are mountains on both planets. However, compared to Earth, its width is half, the weight is less than one third and density is less than 30%.

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