NASA said – 400 pieces of Indian satellite, threatened with space station

American Space Agency NASA has said that 400 pieces were destroyed by the destruction of Indian satellite. They are rotating in space orbit. Due to this, the International Space Station (ISS) and the astronauts living in it have been threatened. Indian Defense Research Institute (DRDO) tested anti-satellite (A-SAT) missile on March 27. During this period, 300 km away in the lower orbit of the earth managed to destroy the live satellite. Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave this information.

NASA chief Jim Brudenstein was addressing his employees. He said, “We are trying to track the pieces of Indian satellite, but till now we have tracked 60 pieces of 10 cm or more.” This satellite was located below the ISS.

According to Brideenstein, “24 pieces are rotating around the ISS, they can prove to be dangerous.” It is a matter of concern that after the destruction of the satellite, the debris has reached the ISS. It is not acceptable to us, NASA’s stand is quite clear in this case. ”

At the same time, according to the US military – about 23 000 pieces have been tracked so far from 10cm. These pieces are spread in the form of debris. Of these, 3000 pieces were in Chinese anti-satellite test in 2007.

NASA Chief also said that the risk of collision of pieces by ISS has increased by 44%. However this danger will be reduced over time because the debris will burn with the entry of the atmosphere.

US statement after India’s test(NASA)

The US Department of Defense (Pentagon) dismissed the spying of India’s mission power. Defense Department spokesman Lieutenant David W. Esteban said, “American has not espioned India in any way. Rather, we are promoting mutual cooperation with India. The result of this is the result of business and strong economy today. ”

According to Lt Gen David D. Thompson of the Air Force Space Command, the US knew that India is going to test the A-set. He told a member of the US Senate Armed Services Sub Committee that we had received the information, the aircraft were stopped when we got information from India.

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