Nawaz Sharif verdict

Nawaz Sharif verdict: Nawaz Sharif used to fight police-pro, tear gas before the verdict

Nawaz Sharif Verdict Former Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif today will decide on two cases of corruption Nawaz Sharif may be sentenced to 14 years in the cases where the anti-corruption court will pronounce the verdict today.

Former Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is not taking the name of the problem. A Anti-Corruption Tribunal of Pakistan will now pronounce its verdict in some cases from now on on two ongoing issues with Nawaz Sharif. Nawaz Sharif can be punished for 14 years in these cases. Let him know that Nawaz Sharif has already been serving a sentence in corruption, Pakistani Supreme Court dismissed him as prime minister.

Before the verdict on Nawaz Sharif, there was a huge ruckus outside the court. Supporters of Nawaz Sharif have clashed with the police present there. Meanwhile, the police also called tear gas shells.

Judge Mohammad Arshad Malik will now decide on the case of flagship investment and al-Aziziya in the court of Islamabad. Nawaz Sharif has reached Islamabad on Sunday even before the verdict. The Supreme Court of Pakistan had fixed the deadline to hear the matter till Monday by the Supreme Court on matters running on Nawaz Sharif.

Security has been increased around the court with the verdict, not only those who are involved in the case can be present in the court room during the hearing. Last week, Nawaz Sharif’s lawyer had appealed to the court to extend the date of judgment one week later. But the court refused to do so, citing the Supreme Court order.

Nawaz Sharif verdict

The disclosure of the Avonfield Properties case, the Flagship Investment Case and the Al-Jazeera Case was made in 2017. The Supreme Court had asked the matter to be completed in six months, although after the frequent appeals, there has been a clock of judgment in this case.

In this case, in the case of Avonfield Properties, Nawaz Sharif was 11 years old, his daughter Miriam Sharif, 8 years old and son-in-waiting Capt Mohammed Safdar was sentenced for one year.

Nawaz Sharif’s wife also passed away last year, for this reason he had been out of jail on parole for a long time. Significantly, just before the general elections this year in Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif had returned to London from London and had given his arrest.

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