New Jersey Marcal Paper Factory Fire

New Jersey Marcal Paper Factory Fire

New Jersey Marcal Paper Factory Fire: The fire was called in around 5:15 p.m. at the iconic Marcal Paper building on Market Street in Elmwood Park. Two hundred employees were on site at the time.

Paper products helped fuel the flames, and the extreme cold and gusty winds made battling the enormous blaze even more challenging for crews dealing with frozen hydrants and hoses.

The Marcal sign collapsed, along with the rest of the building. With propane tanks on site at risk of an explosion, it became an extremely dangerous situation for firefighters.

“It’s freezing. The firefighters are dealing with water on their hands, on their faces,” Chief of Police Michael Falligno said. “The wind is whipping. It’s probably 35 mile per hour wind gusts. And that just feeds a flame, feeds a fire, and causes it to spread rapidly. So that’s not helping us in this scenario.”

“It’s horrible. I mean, I don’t have words,” a woman added.

New Jersey Marcal Paper Factory Fire

“Oh my god. We’re all – everybody’s worried,” Elmwood Park resident Enzo Russo said.

Firefighters said embers the size of softballs were seen falling several blocks from the scene.

Amazingly, no one was hurt. The cause of the fire is under investigation.

Schools in the area will be closed Thursday, because of the mess that remains.

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