New Zealand firing

New Zealand firing: The killer of 49 people went to Pakistan and North Korea too

New Zealand firing: People from all over the world have joined the ‘live murder’ of 49 people in 2 mosques of Christchurch, New Zealand. The main killer is the 28-year-old Brenton Trent, living in Australia. This dilemma also had Facebook Live for 17 minutes to show the world its activities. Like any film scene in the war, he sings indiscriminate pills in the mosque and where the corpses are laid. Whoever saw this horrible groan, did not understand that how can a person be so cruel? Now many information about the gunman is coming out from which it can be estimated that after all, what a simple looking young man becomes thirsty for the death of humans.

Pakistan and North Korea also went

Trent is a resident of Australia’s New South Wales. Before the bloody game on Friday, he also wrote a Manifesto 73 page referring to his nefarious intention, titled – The Great Replacement. In it, Tarantant has described himself as a simple, white man. According to the Daily Mail report, in the last few years, the main accused had traveled to many countries including North Korea and Pakistan and during this time his experiences made him a ‘death dealer’.(New Zealand firing)

Not interested in reading, father’s death from cancer

Tarantant has written in the Manifesto that he was born in a working class and low income family. He had no interest in joining the university after school. His father died of cancer almost 8 years ago. After that he left Australia to travel the world.

Make money from bitcoin and then travel the world

This offender of 49 deaths has told that he made a lot of money from bitcoin trading and then went on a world tour in 2011. He traveled to many countries of the world, including North Korea, Pakistan and Europe. A woman who knew the tarrant said that she was a good man while working as a personal trainer. It seems that during the visits, something happened that made him radical.

Tantant is physically fit (New Zealand firing)

It is said that the mother and sister of Tarrant live in Australia. Her father was an athlete and she got inspiration from her father to be physically fit. A gym manager who knows the tarrant told that he used to eat food in a ceremonial way and exercise. Those who worked with Tarrent at the gym had never heard of political or religious beliefs from his mouth.

What happened with her in the trips?

One such woman said, “For the first time, I can not believe how she can do it, but it seems that she has changed during the visits to countries around the world.” The woman said, ‘I know that he went to many countries and understood different things there. I can say that something happened during his visits that he had become such. ‘

Good thing about Pak travel

Tarantant has also mentioned about his visit to Pakistan in one of his Facebook messages. He has written, ‘An incredible place where many good and kind people live in the world.’ In his manifesto, Torrent has said that he had conspired to attack the attack two years ago but chose the final location 3 months ago. The main accused has written that he had earlier planned to target another mosque but later chose Al Nur and the second mosque because there were more ‘intruders’.

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