New Zealand Mass Shooting

New Zealand Mass Shooting: The attacker had on Facebook on the live streaming of the attack, had already given threat

New Zealand Mass Shooting: Christchurch City of New Zealand was struck on Friday by the shooting of the mass shooting. In two mosques in the city, the assailants fired indiscriminately, in which at least 40 people were reported to have died. An attacker has been identified as Brenton Terrent, who had hosted the attack on Facebook. Along with this, a total of 4 people have been arrested, including 1 woman. On Thursday night, the trainee spoke of the attack on Facebook through post.

The main attacker was born in Australia

The 28-year-old main attacker Brenton Terrell was born in Australia. Announcing his intentions, he has also written a Manifesto of 37 pages titled “The Great Replacement” It was posted on a message board website. All the information about him so far has been based on the introduction and manifesto given on his Facebook profile.

The attacker told himself ‘the ordinary white man’

Brenton Terrent introduces himself as a ’28 year old white man’, born in a low income family in Australia. Under the title ‘Why did you attack’, he has written that it is for avenge the ‘death of thousands of people by foreign invaders’.

The threat was given on Facebook even before the attack

The special thing is that Brenton Terrent threatened to attack on Thursday night by writing a post on Facebook. Not only that, he had claimed in the post that he would show the attack live on Facebook. In the Facebook post, he wrote, “I will attack against the invaders and will do the live streaming of the attack through Facebook.” In the post before the attack, the trainee had written, ‘If I do not escape in the attack then you are all goodbye!’

Claim to Conspire from 2 years (New Zealand Mass Shooting)

In the 37 page document, the assailant has claimed that he was plotting to attack for the last two years. He has also claimed that he had already chosen an attack place 3 months ago.

Member of anti-immigration and extreme right-wing groups

Barrant is a member of anti-immigration and extreme-right groups. He also claimed that he was in brief contact with the extreme-right terrorist Anders Breivik. In 2011, Breivik killed 69 people on the Norwegian island of Utoya. He later killed 8 other people in a car bomb in Oslo. In addition, the attacking trainee has described himself as a supporter of the American President Donald Trump, who according to him is a ‘symbol of the new white identity’ and both have shared purpose. Barant has claimed that he was the first Communist and later became anarchist. Now he is telling himself ‘eco-fascist’.

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