Nirav Modi is roaming comfortably in London

Nirav Modi is roaming comfortably in London by stealing money from India.

Nirav Modi is roaming comfortably in London: Diamond businessman Nirav Modi, who is leading the biggest banking scam in India, is living in a luxurious apartment in London. A telegraph reporter has found them. During this time, many questions were asked, but they did not answer any questions.

The Punjab National Bank, which is seeking Rs 14,000 crore from the country, is looking for the government, Modi is staying in a luxurious apartment in London’s West End and also started a new diamond business. Nirvav Modi has been found by the correspondent of The Telegraph in London. The reporter also made many questions to Nirav Modi during which he did not respond.

The UK Daily Telegraph has published a video of the interview with the ‘Fugitive’ businessman with the title ‘Exclusive: India’s most wanted man Nirav Modi – accused of £ 1.5 billion fraud -living openly in London’ on Saturday morning.

The video has revealed that 48-year-old ‘Bhagoda’ businessman Nirav Modi is staying in a luxury flat near Oxford Street and started a new diamond business in Soho. Nirav Modi is seen in a new look in the video. She is looking very healthy and standing with mustache.

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Nirav Modi is roaming comfortably in London

When asked what they intend to live in London for so many days, they did not respond. The reporter said that the officials have told them that you have applied for political asylum and they have also said that you are under the extradition application, do you think that you should be reproduced, no matter whoever Modi has said, ‘sorry no Commented ‘. When the reporter asked him if you can not keep silent on all the questions, in response to this, Nirav Modi took silence.

When the reporter asked him if you could tell you about your friend or colleagues, which Modi did not give any answer. Nirav was also asked the question whether you are still doing a diamond business. Finally, without answering any queries from the correspondent, Nirav Modi went out with a taxi.

It is notable that Interpol issued red corner notice in July last year for the arrest of Nirav Modi on the application of Indian officials, but he is still out of the limelight.

Billionaire Jullar Nirav Modi and his uncle Mahul Choksi have done a scam of about Rs 14 thousand crore in PNB. Before the expose of the scandal, both of them fled the country in January last year.

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