Nirav Modi PNB scam

Nirav Modi’s extradition case reached Britain court, London will go to ED and CBI team

Nirav Modi PNB scam :  The process of extradition of fugitive businessman Nirav Modi has gone a step further. The UK’s Home Minister has recently sent a court to appeal to extradite Nirav Modi, who has escaped millions of Indian banks. The Enforcement Directorate (ED) requested the UK government to extradite him in July to take legal action against Nirav Modi.

The Enforcement Directorate said on Saturday, “The request to extradite Narendra to Modi was sent to Britain in July 2018. The Central Authority of the UK’s Home Office has confirmed that the request for extradition has been forwarded to the Westminster Magistrate Court so that District Judge takes further action.

According to a news report from a UK newspaper, Nirav Modi, accused in a $ 2 billion PNB loan scam, is living in a luxurious house of £ 8 million in London’s West End and is engaged in a new diamond business. ED sources said that they have been officially informed about the move of UK Home Minister Sajid Javid to send the case to a London court two days ago.

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London will go to CBI and ED team (Nirav Modi PNB scam )

According to sources, the move is linked to the process of extradition of Nirav and bringing it back to face the law in India. He said that a joint team of ED and CBI would go to Britain and give information to the lawyers against the favor of India and the noisome. Similar was the case with another absconding accused in the case of Vijay Mallya, the bank fraud.

ED and CBI are jointly investigating against Nirav Modi, his uncle Mahul Choksi and others. According to The Telegraph, 48-year-old Nirav Modi is currently living in a flat in three rooms. Earlier, in the Raigad district of Maharashtra, the 30 thousand square feet of Nirav near Kahim beach was blown out by the dynamite due to allegations of violation of the rules.

Here, the Foreign Ministry also responded to the issue of extradition of Neerav Modi, saying that Britain is still considering India’s request. Ministry spokesman Ravish Kumar said that the appearance of Nirav Modi in London does not mean that he can be brought back immediately. He said that this is a process and we have requested the British Government for extradition.

Seize property of crores

Legal action is going on in the country against the fugitive Nirav Modi, and many of his assets have been seized so far. ED had registered a case of money laundering against Nirav Modi and others in February 2018. Edi has so far seized 11 properties worth Rs 56 crore from Nirav. Along with that, property worth Rs 1725 crore worth of nirav Modi’s presence in India and abroad has been seized. Apart from this, gold, diamonds, bullion, jewelery and other valuables worth Rs 490 crore related to the Nirav Modi group have also been seized.

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