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Nose filter designed to fit nose. 90% will save from Pollution

Nose Filter: Increasing pollution in the areas of Delhi and NCR is making people sick. Most people are using Face mask For engineers of similar cities battling pollution, US engineers have created a special air filter fit in the nose. Claims that it is capable of preventing 90% pollution particles, allergens (and allergens) and bacteria that go with breath.

Nose Filter Price 925 rupees

Nose FilterIt has been named the Oxygen Nose filter. The price of packet with 10 filters is 925 rupees. It can be easily applied inside the nose. From the outside, it is not known if the filter is being used.

Will save you from many kinds of diseases

A filter can be used for up to 12 hours. The electrostatic filter in it helps in preventing fine particles present in the air.

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Nose FilterAccording to the University of Chicago’s Energy Policy Institute, air pollution reduces people’s lives by 1.8 years. Recently, the WHO had expressed concern about the rising air pollution in the world. About a decade ago, the WHO had issued guidelines for reducing air pollution, which the US had strictly implemented.

This filter prevents pollution, allergens and bacteria, it also decreases the risk of infected diseases.

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