karni sena in protest against Manikarnika

Now the karni sena, in protest against Manikarnika, is rumored to show love to British officers in the film

 karni sena in protest against Manikarnika: After the film Padmavat in 2018, the karni sena has now come in protest against Manikarnika. According to karni sena, they are upset that love will be shown between Lakshmibai and British officers in the film. At the same time, she has a problem with the Queen’s Special Dance Sequence in the film as it is against her tradition.

Will not tolerate: karni sena’s national chief Sukhdev Singh Shekhawat said in an interview given to an entertainment website. Once again, we are seeing that the filmmakers are trying to capture the history of manipulating history by showing some scenes. We will not tolerate this.

Padmavat will resonate: Sukhdev further said that we had heard and opposed the film in February last year. However, after the Supreme Court order, we did not allow Padmavat to be released in many states. We will do the same opposition as Manikarnika too. We requested Makers that the film should be shown to us before release. If it does not happen, then we will break into the theater, whose responsibility will not be ours.( karni sena in protest against Manikarnika)

Clean chit with CBFC: Central Board of Film Certification has given Manikarnika a clean chit. Sukhdev said that it does not matter that he has given the film clearance. Meanwhile, the production house spokesperson has rejected the news of any such love affair in the film.

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