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Due to excessive carbon emissions, one-third Englishmen have left the meat.

Meat: British habit of eating habits has undergone tremendous changes. According to a report, one in eight people in the country has become a vegetarian. At the same time, one-thirds of the people have either eaten meat or have reduced. 21% of people are fluiditarian. These people also give priority to most vegetarians and eat only on any occasion.

This study is done by a supermarket chain Vetros. It included two thousand adults in a poll. It has been said in the report about climate change that reduction in meat and dairy products can have a positive impact on the environment of the Earth. According to the study, the amount of carbon dioxide increases due to the birth of more animals.



According to Nick Palmer, head of Compassion In World Farming UK Institute, “The result of the study is very encouraging, it can be learned from how the British are reducing the production of animal products in their food. Science has proved that vegetables and plants Only food based is the best health food. The less you use in the food of meat, fish, eggs and dairy products, the more animals, people and animals. TI will help. ”

Executive chef Jonathan Moore says that the number of vegetarians is increasing. It is time now that you adopt a plant based diet. On the other hand, Vegan Society, an organization promoting vegetarianism, has said that in the last four years in Britain, there has been a four-fold rise in dairy products, including dairy products.

Weight of Vetrosion on Vigor
Vetros is Britain’s first supermarket chain, which has begun vegetarian department in its 134 store. There are more than 40 vegetative prepared foods. According to Natalie Mitchell, Brand Development Head of Vatros, we see that demand for vegetative food has increased this year. Whether it is taking home or preparing food, people like vegetarian testing.

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