Modi electoral master plan

Opposition in preparing for the removal of Modi’s electoral master plan

Modi electoral master plan: Given the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections, the coalition of regional parties in the country is busy preparing to cut the economic master plan of the Modi government. A leader of this alliance claims that the opposition parties are united and are preparing a joint economic plan. It is a clear indication that in the coming elections, the entire opposition is in the process of uniting in opposition to Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Former Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister and TDP leader Chandrababu Naidu said in an interview to Reuters that the main opposition party is likely to include the proposed minimum income program in the opposition’s plan. Significantly, Naidu has an important role in preparing this joint program of the regional parties.

Last month in Kolkata, 23 regional political parties attended the forum on this coalition. Naidu said that the alliance of the coalition is now being done to eradicate poverty, agriculture, employment and to each family on the minimum income program.

Chandrababu Naidu said, “Many political parties are working on making consensus. The problem of farmers is a very serious issue and unemployment is the biggest issue. Therefore, there is a need to focus on the economy. ‘

According to the India Today Poll last month, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s rating has reached its lowest level due to widespread unemployment and weak agricultural economy. It was also stated in the poll that in the coming elections, the ruling coalition will be behind the majority, due to which regional parties’ coalition could come to power.

Opposition in preparing for the removal of Modi’s electoral master plan

Although there is no consensus on the leadership in the opposition parties and after the election results, they can choose Congress leader Rahul Gandhi as the leader on the basis of which everyone has kept quiet on this question. On the question of the prime ministerial candidate, Naidu said, “The prime minister will be elected after the results with a consensus as the first priority of the coalition is to win big in the elections.”

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Modi electoral master plan: Significantly, Naidu did a good job in the field of business facilitation in the state of Andhra Pradesh as the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, and a company like Microsoft had prepared for investment in the state. Naidu’s TDP is one of the largest regional parties in the Parliament and till March 2018 he was included in the ruling NDA but he was out of the alliance for the demand for special package for Andhra Pradesh.

Since then, Naidu has launched a campaign to unite regional parties to bring the Modi government out of power. Naidu says that another leader will be better than Modi because Narendra Modi does not listen to anyone.


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